Decreased metabolites in the male body

Beware of the dangerous substance in plastic bottles because they threaten men’s health, expose them to impotence and reduce the quality of their sperm, and lower their metabolite levels.

According to recent research by scientists, men who are exposed to the chemical “ethylhexyl” phthalate develop sperm immobility, which may affect their fertility.

Phthalates are found in soft plastics used in our everyday environment, including wallpaper, sandals, nail polish, perfume, flooring, carpets, and more. Because phthalate molecules leak from plastics, humans are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis through food, drink, skin contact, and inhalation.

Phthalate levels can be measured and determined by testing a simple urine sample. Jonathan Axelsen of Lund University in Sweden and his colleagues in this research project studied the levels of DEHP phthalate metabolites in the urine of 300 men between the ages of 18 and 20, and also analyzed their sperm quality.

“High levels of metabolites in men indicate low sperm motility in them,” Axelson said. The results of these studies show that a quarter of the men who participated in this project and had the lowest levels of metabolites had only 57% of motile sperm cells, while a quarter of the men who had the highest levels of metabolites had 46% of motility. Sperm cells were present.


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