Defeat masturbation by following these tips

What we need to do to get rid of masturbation, you can listen to the advice of our doctor today in this regard!

Some people suffer from sexual dysfunction and masturbate to satisfy their sexual needs. Masturbation is a disease for which there are certain reasons.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Safarinejad said in this regard: being in situations that in terms of fantasy cause sexual arousal, can increase the chances of interest in masturbation. He stressed that to prevent masturbation, first of all, a strong personal will is needed.

He added: “Secondly, one should avoid situations that cause sexual arousal (such as seeing, reading, hearing and fantasy thoughts). The surgeon and specialist in kidney and urinary tract reminded that in some cases where masturbation is very intense, it is possible to help the patient to leave this behavior by prescribing certain drugs, but the requirement of this type of treatment is to accept the disease from The patient’s side and his cooperation for treatment.

Safarinejad continued: “People who want to stop masturbating should replace masturbation with exercise, social activities and walking in cases of sexual arousal.” Exercise is one of the best ways to treat and avoid masturbation

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