Destruction of libido in people with this substance

Dealing with plastic items and materials has a great impact on people’s sexual desire. This substance is present in most of our items and even in our food and we are constantly in contact with it.

This material is used in plastic curtains that are stretched around the bathroom shower to cover food capsules.

Now, the result of a research conducted under the supervision of Dr. Emily Barrett at the University of Rochester, New York, shows that this substance can affect women’s libido. Barrett measured the amount of phthalates in the urine of 360 pregnant women and then interviewed them about their sex. All 360 women had phthalates in their urine, but those with the highest levels of the chemical had up to 2.5 times less libido than those with the lowest.

This research focused on the effect of phthalates on women, but a few years ago, a study was conducted at the same university and linked phthalates to increased femininity in boys.

This chemical is used in nail polish, detergents, raincoats, blood bags and even food packaging.

December 3, 2013 13:37

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