Diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Doctors believe that both types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2, cause health problems, including a decrease in male fertility, by destroying the body’s insulin-producing cells.

Dr. Shitaiz Mordia, a fertility specialist, said about the effect of diabetes on fertility reduction: When diabetes remains uncontrolled, its subsequent effects on the nervous system and the reproductive system become fully apparent.

He added: In the conducted studies, it was found that diabetes causes a disturbance in the erection process, and also high glucose level, high blood pressure and high cholesterol all have a negative effect on the erection process of men.

Mordia also believes that neurological problems caused by diabetes cause delayed ejaculation in men.

Indian doctors found in their studies that diabetes and its negative effect on the nerves of the body even affects the proper control of the bladder. Diabetes has a very negative effect on sperm DNA.

Dr. Arvind Vaid, a specialist in the treatment of male infertility problems from the University of Delhi, said: In recent studies, it was found that about 40% of Indian men over forty years of age suffer from hard erection syndrome caused by diabetes.

He further added: One of the most annoying problems of diabetes for men is late ejaculation, which has a direct effect on men’s fertility.

Indian doctors believe that the best way to prevent reproductive diseases caused by diabetes is two-month blood level control by a specialist.


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