Diabetes and high protein diets

High protein diets may not help with diabetes. While many people believe that a high protein diet can help you lose weight.

A new study has shown that one of the major health benefits is to prevent weight loss, and that when you lose weight on a high-protein diet, there is no improvement in the “insulin sensitivity” that is a factor. There is no way to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In type 2 diabetes, the cell gradually loses its sensitivity and ability to respond to metabolism.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Therefore, recovery with insulin sensitivity can be one of the by-products of weight loss.

In a study of obese middle-aged women (50 to 65), women were divided into three groups:

The first group: were without diet and simply maintained their weight.

The second group: were on a diet with a certain daily level of protein.

The third group: were involved in a high protein diet.

At the end of the study, the researchers reported that women on a high-protein diet did not succeed in improving their insulin sensitivity.

The diet group with the standard amount of protein intake improved by 25 to 30 percent, but women who lost weight were significantly more affected by the outcome of improvement, by and insulin sensitivity.

The researchers also found that consuming high amounts of protein had little effect on muscle maintenance.

When you lose weight, about two-thirds of it is adipose tissue and the other third is the tissue itself. That is, when they ate more protein, they were less likely to lose fat.

But the question is, is there such a significant clinical benefit to such a small difference?

Researchers still do not know why insulin sensitivity does not improve in patients on a high-protein diet.

The body needs protein, but consuming too much may be harmful. If the body has kidney problems, it can lead to weight gain because more calories are stored as protein than fat. During menopause, an obese person loses insulin sensitivity as he or she gains weight. As a result, the benefits of a high-protein diet are lost.

Researchers believe A healthy diet is a balanced diet that includes complex carbohydrates as well as a standard level of daily protein.

However, a diabetes expert believes that healthy weight loss is usually helpful in preventing diabetes. Even if it includes a high protein diet. They also said that exercise is a key that the right amount of physical activity can increase insulin sensitivity in the muscles.

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