Diagnosis of clone cancer by stool test

We all want cancer to be prevented one day and no one in the world to get cancer. The requirement of this heart desire is only in the diagnosis before infection. Now a new study says that blood tests in the stool, if done annually, can effectively detect colon cancer. These tests are effective even in the second, third, and fourth years of screening.
“The findings suggest that stool testing may be a reasonable alternative to screening instead of colonoscopy,” the researchers said. Colonoscopy is currently considered the gold standard for colon cancer screening.
“In tests known as fecal immunochemistry tests, specialists examine stool samples for microscopic amounts of blood leaking from colon tumors,” explained study author Dr. Douglas Corley. Doctors have always worried that fecal blood tests will become less effective over time and will no longer be used as a screening tool.
According to Corley, colon tumors or precancerous polyps must be large enough to bleed into a person’s stool. Therefore, if all large tumors and polyps were diagnosed and removed in the first year of screening, there was a concern that the diagnosis of cancer would decline dramatically in later years.
To see if this happens, the researchers conducted annual blood fecal tests on nearly 325,000 patients over a four-year period, and it turned out that the test remained effective even after four years.

Source: Hello

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