Did you know that salty food causes MS?

If you want to avoid MS, don’t add salt to your food because it has been proven that MS is related to salt. It is better to read the details of this article below so that it becomes clear to you.

Diets high in salt are one of the factors in the prevalence of multiple sclerosis or MS; MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. Recent studies show that consuming too much salt weakens the body’s immune cells. Currently, there is no specific treatment for this disease. MS affects patients by disrupting the connection between the brain and other body parts. This disease causes disturbances in walking and causes problems in the field of concentration, attention, memory and judgment.
Researchers believe that high-salt foods are only one of the environmental factors associated with this complex disease. This disease is largely related to the genetic background of the patients. According to Dimitri Krementsov, a researcher at the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, understanding the extent to which environmental factors affect people with autoimmune diseases such as MS and the role of genetic factors in the prevalence of this disease is particularly important.
To find out, Krementsov and his colleagues used a high-salt diet and a healthy diet for two groups of laboratory mice. Later, laboratory mice were diagnosed with a disease similar to MS. In one of the genetic groups, male and female rats fed a high-salt diet experienced exacerbation of clinical symptoms. According to Gerald Weisman, senior editor of the journal in which the current study was published, the body needs enough salt to function properly. But consuming too much salt messes things up.

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August 7, 1395 14:17

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