Diet and medication

If you are taking certain medications, we recommend that you take care of your nutrition and adjust your diet and meal plan based on the type of judge and control your weight with this method.

One of the main reasons that people with depression stop taking medication is weight gain. Some of these people gain as much as seven percent of their body weight.

The results of a study conducted by American researchers show that at least one out of four obese people has mood disorders or anxiety. But following a serious treatment program does not mean that the weight will increase. There is an effective way to control weight during treatment, which is as follows:

Food press control:
Give up dieting and limit your food intake. According to researchers, since the late 70s, due to the increase in food intake, each person consumes 570 more calories a day. Therefore, if the food press is large, it is better to halve it and use smaller plates.

Chew food well and eat slowly:
It takes 20 minutes for the brain to recognize that a person is full. Coordination between eating and being full not only prevents digestive problems, but also prevents weight gain. When you eat slowly and chew well, in addition to enjoying eating, you feel full sooner. This is why some people do not face weight problems despite eating fattening foods.

Write down everything you eat:
Writing down everything you eat will help you keep track of your eating. Plus, you can understand what kind of behavior is causing you to overeat.

Support is required:
Just as it is difficult to quit smoking in a house where everyone smokes, it is also difficult to lose weight in a house where members eat unhealthy food. Therefore, it is better to encourage the rest of the family to live a healthy life or Be in a healthy environment.

Have realistic goals:
Losing two and a half kilograms per week is tempting but unrealistic, while losing 250 grams to one kilo per week is closer to reality.
With this method, the weight slowly decreases and does not return. To advance this, you can add 5 minutes a week to your 10 minutes of daily walking. Also, gradually remove sweets and then white bread from your diet.

Start an exercise program:
Just walk three or four days a week for half an hour to lose weight by raising your heart rate. Choose an exercise that you can do every day.

Pay attention to your feelings:
Binge eating is often not due to hunger but to heal emotional wounds.
But there are other ways to overcome these feelings, such as talking to a friend, walking, etc., by identifying the behavioral and emotional states, the feeling of worry can be better controlled.

Source: Readers Digest website

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