Dietary changes for bad breath

When we eat some foods, our mouth smells, how can we solve this problem and what changes in the way we cook and consume them will be possible to deal with this type of food?

He has a well-groomed face; So that it doesn’t even occur to your brain that the unpleasant smell in the taxi is from this person! This is your first encounter with the unpleasant smell of the body or mouth of the person who is sitting next to you and the unpleasant smell of his body or mouth has overcome the smell of his perfume and cologne!

A little later you will reach your destination; For example, at work or a party, and as soon as the first colleague or guest passes by you, you feel that he has hit himself with a sack of garlic or onion, a sewn dress, or the smell of onion!

A little later, while chatting at the dinner table, you realize that people are not very fragrant. Sometimes this happens to you. We feel that the taste and smell of your mouth or body have changed and it smells unpleasant, but you do not know the reason.

Bathing and using perfume, perfume and cologne are not the answer either. Where does this smell come from? Do you even think that the source of this smell is the type of food you have eaten?

Don’t be surprised at all. Body and mouth odor is directly related to the type of food you eat, but which foods are to blame? We will remove their hands right now. The unpleasant smell created by these foods does not mean that the compounds in them are undesirable or that the nutritional value of these foods is low. By the way, many of these foods are among the best and most useful foods for the body and should be included in the daily diet plan, but the point is that the amount of consumption and accompanying some foods or seasonings can control this unpleasant smell to a great extent; Therefore, you should not remove some of these snacks from your diet and just learn how to deal with them. Of course, you have to remove some of them from the program, which we have talked about.

Brassica family

If you have noticed the smell after opening the nylon cabbage door, you will understand what kind of smell we are talking about! Sulfur-containing foods are the first group of foods that produce an unpleasant and pungent smell. These foods are the famous “Brassica” family. These plants all contain sulfur, and after eating these foods, the sulfur entered into the body is the cause of unpleasant mouth and body odor.

Foods: types of cabbage including cauliflower, white cabbage, red cabbage, button cabbage.

Solution: If you consume these foods with fresh lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, their unpleasant smell will be controlled to a great extent.

Allium family

It is impossible to imagine Chalukbab, Abgousht or Kobideh without sumac and onions. What if he ate it! On the other hand, is it possible not to eat garlic pickles with them? Can you imagine eggplant curd, spinach burani, mirzagasami, etc. without garlic? Certainly not, but the unpleasant smell of garlic and onion must have bothered you after eating Sirdar Mirzakasmi or Soltani leaf chalukbab with onions. The strong smell of body sweat is also one of the other undesirable consequences of eating garlic and onions, especially in raw form. These foods contain a compound called “Allium” and the unpleasant smell of garlic and onion is caused by this compound.

Food: white and red onions, garlic, chives and horseradish.

Solution: The only way to reduce their pungent smell is to cook these foods.

Protein family

Have you ever noticed that your body odor has changed when you ate a chalukbob press the day before? This change is most felt in body sweat, urine and feces. The smell caused by the breakdown of proteins is more unpleasant in men than in women, and it is usually the same smell that is called “male body odor”. The reason for that is the creation of more unpleasant changes on the proteins in the body of men compared to women; Therefore, if the consumption of protein exceeds a limit, the amount of substances resulting from the breakdown of protein will increase, and this issue will cause an unpleasant smell. One of the reasons why fat people smell is also related to this issue.

Food: red meat of any kind and parts of chicken such as wings that have a lot of fat.

Solution: reducing the consumption of meat in meals or consuming sumac along with it, which helps to eliminate uric acid; Also, consumption of non-fatty parts of chicken.

Spice family

Those who have traveled to India, Bangladesh and countries where spices are more prominent than the food itself, know exactly what smell we are talking about! This smell is not just the smell of spices. The reason for creating this unpleasant smell is the use of spices and their effect on body odor; That’s why you can’t stand in shops and shopping centers for more than a few minutes and not feel bad!

Consuming spicy food strongly affects body odor and changes the smell of sweat. If sweat stays on the body, its unpleasant smell will multiply. Among the spices, those that are spicy and fatty, such as ginger or curry, have a more adverse effect on body odor.

Foods: All kinds of spices, especially curry, ginger, cumin, fenugreek and angelica, have a more specific and intense smell.

Solution: Use spices in a controlled manner and use mild spices along with spicy and effective spices.

Marine family

Genetically, consuming fish and some seafood causes unpleasant body odor. In people with metabolic syndrome, consumption of fish increases the smell of “trimethylamine urea” in the body, and in this way, more than normal people, after eating fish, their body gives off a specific smell caused by consumption of fish.

In people with metabolic syndrome, trimethylamine urea is not broken down well, and this causes the accumulation of this compound in the body and causes bad body odor in the form of fishy smell. This smell is completely felt in the smell of sweat, urine and breath.

In addition to people with metabolic syndrome, the smell of fish can also be felt in normal people. The reason for that is the special compounds found in fish protein, which is the same compound that was mentioned.

Food: fish and other seafood

Solution: flavoring the fish to reduce its smell and using aromatic spices suitable for cooking fish. In people with metabolic syndrome, it is better to use this food less.

Asparagus, the only child in the family

Despite its countless properties, this food creates an unpleasant smell in the body. Consuming this vegetable makes the smell of sweat sharper and on the other hand it intensifies the specific smell of urine. The reason for this smell is the spicy compounds in this vegetable and its similarity to the combination of spices; Therefore, consuming more than normal asparagus is the cause of unpleasant body and mouth odor.

Edible: Asparagus and related vegetables

Solution: Controlled use of this vegetable and consuming it with fresh lemon juice

Fat family

Put some butter or any other solid or liquid fat or oily food in a corner of the room. Check it out a few hours later. Its unpleasant smell will definitely bother your nose.

In people who are overweight, sweating is associated with the breakdown of fats and the creation of unpleasant odors. In fact, their sweat is mostly caused by fat breakdown, and this is the cause of unpleasant body odor.

On the other hand, the breakdown of fatty foods in the stomach causes a sharp and acidic smell due to the increase in stomach acid. In addition to the breakdown of fats alone, it leads to an unpleasant taste in the mouth. This unpleasant smell is similar to the smell of acetone or nail polish.

Food: fried foods, fast foods, fatty desserts and a high-fat diet in general

Solution: Eliminate high-fat foods and control fat consumption.

egg; Poultry product

A few hours after cooking the egg, break the shell and then pay attention to its smell. In addition to sulfur, this food contains a large amount of albumin. Its special smell is also caused by these two compounds. Therefore, be careful in eating eggs, because the decomposition of both of them in the body will cause unpleasant mouth and body odor.

Food: eggs and to some extent the eggs of other birds.

Solution: Consuming it with mint, fresh lime and tomato.

Sweet family

Has it happened to you that when you have eaten sweets such as bread, cake, etc., the taste in your mouth has a special taste? A sour taste in the mouth or something? The reason is the breakdown of the unnatural sweetness of these foods. On the other hand, the consumption of these foods increases the amount of stomach acid secretion. Both of these factors will cause unpleasant smell and taste in the mouth.

Food: All kinds of food with artificial sweetness.

Solution: stop or reduce consumption of these foods and replace them with natural sweets.

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