Different lotions for all kinds of hair problems

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the best hair conditioners available in the market. For every hair problem, there is a lotion that will give you soft and smooth hair.

Hair conditioners can be found in almost every home; Products such as gel, mousse, hair cream, etc. . . . each of which can have a specific function and style your hair the way you want. This time, we decided to introduce the products to you in this way and we tried to choose those that are effective in keeping your hair healthy in addition to styling it; Each of these products has strengthening materials in some way and can cause less damage to the hair.

Having soft hair

Nelly/ control smoothing liquid


This product can be used for easy combing, shaving and trimming, as well as for extended hair; This aromatic softening and conditioning spray with silk extract compounds from hair against hair styling devices such as hair dryers, irons, etc. . . Protects, prevents static electricity and frizzy hair.

Achieving voluminous hair

Revlon/ volumizing conditioner


We recommend this product to those who have thin hair. This biphasic solution is suitable for very thin and fragile hair. There are grape and green tea extracts in the Rolon volumizing solution, which protects the hair from the harmful rays of the sun and finally gives volume to your hair.

Maintain hair curls

Loreal/amplifying mouse


If you have wavy or curly hair, this mousse is suitable for your hair; This product, having various vitamins and proteins, strengthens the hair texture and gives volume to the roots of the hair; Of course, it also keeps your hair in good condition throughout the day; Especially if you like that
Your hair will remain in shape and curly.

Strong anti-inflammatory

Crystal/hair serum


This hair serum can be a good anti-heat insulator against the hair dryer. After use, in addition to repairing the hair, by softening the stem of your hair, it also makes them shine; Also, the jojoba oil in this hair serum makes your hair very combable.

Repairing damaged hair

Phytum actif / nutrition


We recommend this cream to those who have fragile and prone to frizzy hair; This product softens the ends of the hair and restores the hair fibers immediately after use. As a result, the dryness and brittleness of the hair is eliminated to a great extent and the hair becomes easier and better.

Remove dryness



After you spend a long time styling and blow drying your hair, you are always worried that your hair will lose its shape and all your efforts will be wasted; The solution is to use this product. When you spray this tuft on your hair, the hair will keep its shape and it will not dry out.

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December 8, 2014 11:51

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