Different properties of orgasm for women

Sometimes, you turn to yourself because of the pain caused by menstruation, and you struggle with a lot of lower abdominal pains, or excruciating headaches deprive you of peace. These pains can be considered as the result of the lack of orgasm. solves

Sex can actually work wonders for some of us who are overworked, overstressed, or in desperate need of a little fun. But doing this can give you more than just peace. Believe it or not, the peak of sexual pleasure or orgasm can cure some of the worrying pains and sufferings that afflict you in your daily life! So if you’re fed up with debilitating headaches or crippling menstrual cramps, read on to learn how much an evening indulgence can do for you.

What pains does orgasm or the peak of sexual pleasure cure?


For those of you prone to migraines and mid-afternoon headaches, maybe it’s time to indulge in a little trickery and fun. Sex releases endorphins that can soothe persistent headaches, so the next time you need some relaxation, consider going to bed instead of popping headache pills.


If you’re looking for a way to end sleepless nights, then look no further! A serious effort in sexual relations not only physically exhausts you, but the intense pressure of oxytocin acts as a sleep aid for some of us who can’t seem to close our eyes when it’s our right!


Sure, hiccups may not be the most debilitating ailment out there, but holding your breath can get really frustrating pretty quickly. Apparently, stimulating the brain’s parasympathetic nerve (the cranial nerve that descends to the abdomen) can put an end to those persistent hiccups. What is the best way to stimulate that nerve? You got it right: sex.

PMS (menstrual) contractions

We know that sex might be the last thing on your mind when you’re suffering from the pressure of menstrual cramps, having sex really makes the pain go away! When you orgasm, it relaxes some of the ovarian muscle contractions and chemicals are released in the mind, both of which act as natural sources of pain relief.


For some of us who suffer from depression or stress, it may be time to look outside the pill bottles and look for some natural pain relief. Orgasms direct the brain to release endorphins and oxytocin, two chemicals that can improve your mood and increase interest.

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