Different treatments for head lice

Head lice are an insect that grows in the hair and feeds on the blood of the scalp. This stubborn insect does not die easily and reproduces by spawning. This complication is easily transmitted among students and has different treatment stages.

Head lice use human scalp blood as their source of nutrition and should be treated immediately.
Almost all people have head lice. As many parents know, head lice are much more common in children because they are more exposed to each other when playing with each other. You can start a home treatment for head lice with a chemical for head lice or using a head lice comb and natural ingredients. Use to destroy them. In any case, it takes time and effort. For definitive treatment of head lice, start with step one.

• What is head lice ?!

Lice are harmful insects of the parasite. This means that they cannot survive without a human host. This species can only live on the human host body, so you can not get it from dogs and cats or any other pet you may have. Lice do not have wings, so they can not fly. They have six legs and toes at the end by which they attach themselves to the hair. Head lice can be found anywhere on the scalp, but are usually found on the hair behind the neck and around the ears, which is warmer. Head lice are a common disease, especially in children. It can be difficult to get rid of these stubborn insects from the hair. It is also very contagious. Symptoms of head lice include the diagnosis of head lice, itchy scalp, a feeling of something shaking on the scalp, or a tingling sensation on the scalp. Head lice use scalp blood as their source of nourishment. Head lice are sometimes found near the skin and sometimes on the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Different treatments for head lice

1. Use lice pedicure or shampoo to treat head lice.

You can also take pedicoside without a prescription. One bottle is needed to treat a person with short or medium hair and two bottles are needed for someone with long hair. Some lice shampoos, in addition to removing lice, also kill lice eggs or envy, but others only kill creeping lice. If you have killed live lice, you should also look for a solution to get rid of the lice’s eggs. Remember that chemical lice medications contain ingredients that may have harmful side effects. For this reason, if you are worried about treating head lice with chemical drugs, in this article, we have also provided home treatment methods for head lice using natural ingredients.

2. The person wears his old clothes.

Because lice may jump on clothes, you should wash them in warm water immediately after treating head lice. For this reason, it is better not to wear expensive or new clothes.

3. Start treating head lice in the bathroom.

Cleaning the bathroom floor is easier than cleaning furniture or a bed. It is better to sit on a plastic or metal chair near the tub.

4. Use anti-lice shampoo.

Apply anti-lice shampoo on the scalp and hair according to the instructions on the shampoo bottle. To treat lice, the lice shampoo should remain on the person’s head for a specified period of time, then you can wash it off. Shampoo should not be left on the head for more than the specified period. Rinse it with warm water, without further shampooing. Other shampoos should not be used for at least two days after treatment.

5. Remove dead lice from your hair with a comb.

After about 8 hours, you will see dead or half-dead lice on the side of your hair. You need to remove them from your hair with a special lice comb called Nit comb. These combs are available in pharmacies, sometimes in a box of anti-lice shampoo. After using the lice comb, soak it in boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Check the person’s head again 8 hours later and remove any remaining lice.

Different treatments for head lice

6. Check the hair for a few days later.

Because head lice may also lay eggs after treatment for head lice, it is important to check the person’s scalp and hair for at least two weeks every few days. If you find more lice, start the lice treatment process again. If you prefer not to use the lice medicine again, you can use the lice comb instead.

• Home treatment of head lice with natural ingredients and using lice comb intention according to the same recipe above, is as follows:

7. Use apple cider vinegar to treat lice.

Wash your hair with 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of warm water. Pour it on the hair. Comb the person’s hair with a lice comb or the same comb. This makes it easier to get rid of stubborn lice.

8. Use oil to treat head lice.

It is said that different types of oils are effective in treating head lice. You can try the following oils:

Use coconut oil. . Massage a cup of coconut oil on the scalp. Use lice comb to get rid of lice and lice eggs.

Use half or neem oil. This oil is a natural insecticide that is not harmful to humans. Apply the oil on the hair and scalp and leave it for a few minutes. Then comb your hair with a lice comb to get rid of lice and lice eggs or envy.

Use tea tree oil. Like Nim oil, this oil is a natural insecticide.

9. Use the essential oils of these plants to treat lice.

Make an essential oil spray. Spraying the essential oils of these plants on the hair and scalp causes lice eggs and lice to loosen and die faster. Fill a spray bottle with 5 drops of oil per ounce of water. You can try the essential oils of the following herbs:

• Lavender

• Oregano

• Spicy mint

• Thyme

• Eucalyptus

Fix head lice

10. All clothes of the infected person should be washed.

Clothes, sheets, towels, pillows and anything else that can be washed should be washed in warm water. Lice die when exposed to temperatures of 54 degrees Celsius or higher for 5 minutes or more.

Different treatments for head lice

11. Seal unwashed items in plastic bags for at least 8 hours.

Lice die in the absence of air. Put wooden, plastic and metal items in plastic bags at least two weeks before use.

12. Soak hair tools and accessories in warm water.

It is necessary to wash plastic combs, brushes and other hair accessories in warm water for at least 10 minutes to kill lice.

13. Vacuum carpets and furniture.

Lice are less likely to touch surfaces such as carpets and furniture because they need to be fed through human blood. However, it is better not to take risks. Therefore, clean all carpets and furniture, especially in a person’s bedroom, with a vacuum cleaner.


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