Different treatments for thyroid cancer

Problems with the thyroid gland can turn into cancer if it is acute, and can threaten the lives of people with the disease and cause discomfort in their body. What are the treatments for thyroid cancer and how long does this treatment period last? Results

These days, our numbers are increasing, especially among teenagers; In this regard, several external factors play a role that affect a person’s health. The thyroid gland produces the hormone necessary for the body to function normally.

The results show that thyroid cancer is more common in women. Several types of thyroid cancer are commonly seen, called papillary papillary follicles, which are more common in women over the age of 50. Medullary, the most common type of thyroid cancer and anaplastic. Because the cause of these cancers is not yet known, thyroid cancer is dangerous; Of course, heredity plays a major role in the development of this disease. But the shocking facts about thyroid cancer are quoted by MSN:

4 out of 5 patients with this type of cancer are under 55 years old. Studies show that thyroid cancer is the number one cancer among women aged 15 to 29 years. Approximately 2% of thyroid cancer patients are children and adolescents.

Women are more prone to thyroid cancer; 75% of the patients are women and the reason for this is still unknown. There is an association between an increased risk of thyroid cancer in women during menopause and puberty.

Surgery to remove the thyroid gland

After this operation, the patient is advised to take medication to replace thyroid hormones in the body. This medicine should be taken daily to maintain balance in the body.

Radioactive iodine is a common treatment

This type of treatment is done after stopping thyroid treatment to remove the remnants of the cancerous mass. But before starting this treatment, the patient is advised to reduce iodine intake.

Although the exact cause of thyroid cancer is not known, there are few risk factors for the disease, including radiation to the head and neck. Even a simple low-iodine diet can play a role in the development of this type of cancer. * It is shocking to know that you have cancer, but studies show that the survival rate is 98% higher than other cancers.

Ultrasound is done to examine the growth of the thyroid gland and to diagnose cancer. Sampling is done after the thyroid nodule is identified.

High survival rate in patients with thyroid cancer
It is shocking to know that you have cancer, but studies show that the survival rate is 98% higher than other cancers.

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