Disadvantages of not pursuing sexual problems

There are different types of sexual problems and to treat each one we need to take help from different methods and if we don’t follow up on these problems we have to wait for its mental and physical consequences.

At the beginning of the visit of the person who came with the complaint of sexual problem, it should be seen what exactly the patient is complaining about? Because his main problem may be erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation or decreased libido or not reaching the peak of sexual pleasure (Anorgasmia) or not having ejaculation After determining the exact problem and taking a detailed history and examination, additional tests are requested and the treatment process begins. It is necessary for husband and wife to visit together so that it is easier to get a detailed history.

Complications of sexual disorders and not treating them
The effects and complications of this problem can be very deep and in addition to affecting the self-confidence, mood and mood of the person, it may cause differences or conflicts in the relationship with the sexual partner and even lead to separation in some cases. Sometimes it is observed that the sexual partner of the patient is drawn to communicate with other people due to the fact that his desires are not fulfilled, which has serious and destructive consequences for both parties and the foundation of the family. So, considering all these points, it is concluded that early diagnosis and treatment of this problem and follow-up after that is very necessary and important.

Sexual activity cycle in men
The cycle of sexual activity in men, in summary, includes these stages: sexual stimulation (which may be with physical stimuli such as visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, etc. or following mental stimulation), starting sexual activity, reaching the stage Orgasm or the peak of sexual pleasure and then the stage of physical and mental relaxation (resolution). After these steps, until sexual activity starts again, there will be a delay period (refractory period) so that the person can repeat the previous steps. These stages vary from several minutes to several weeks according to the age and physical ability of people.

After the start of sexual stimulation, under the influence of hormones inside the penis, the spongy tissue inside the penis expands, and then a lot of blood enters the cavernous bodies of the penis, and on the other hand, the blood exit routes are also closed, so the blood pressure inside the penis increases. and this process leads to the stiffening of the penis.

After complete stiffness and sexual intercourse, under the influence of brain and spinal nerve pathways, it is time for ejaculation, which in men is usually accompanied by orgasm or reaching the peak of sexual pleasure. In this stage, in men, first, there will be an increase in the rate of breathing and heart rate, secretions of ductal glands and hyperemia, and the testicles will rise, then it will be the ejaculation stage, during which the neck of the bladder is closed so that the semen does not enter the bladder. backward ejaculation) and secretions from the vas deferens, seminal vesicles, and prostate are poured into the prostate duct, and with alternating and rhythmic contractions of the muscles around the duct, semen is thrown towards the tip of the penis.

After a few minutes, the penis relaxes and returns to its original state. Naturally, men do not have the ability to start sexual activity immediately, and according to the age and physical ability of people, this time varies from several minutes to several hours (for some, such as the elderly, days or weeks), which refers to this time period, the period of resistance. or called Refractory.

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