Discover a new lipstick

We always talk about cosmetics that are worth it. So far we have made suggestions about different types of makeup accessories and now we want to introduce a new lipstick that we think is really worth it.

Lipsticks like Nars or Yves Saint Laurent may have a lot of color variation or they have been producing beauty products for years, but Sephora lipsticks have a special feature that none of these classic products have. The ultra-soft and delicate formulation of these lipsticks with attractive colors that dazzle the eyes sit gently on your lips and at the end of the work, they give a state of color to the lips that is neither matte, glossy or better. Let’s say it is both matte and shiny like satin.

make up1

As experts in Yahoo Beauty and as those who are heavily dependent on cosmetics, we tell you that once you use this lipstick, you will never want to replace it with another lipstick.


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