Diseases and complications of nail implants

In this section, published in Dr. Salam’s medical journal, under the title of diseases and complications of nail implants, we will introduce you to the complications that you will suffer from after using nail implants. Nail transplant causes nail disease and stops its growth. Since some glue is used to stick the artificial nail on the nail, this glue causes the nail to not grow and lose its transparency and flexibility.

Also, since after this work, the under nail grows and becomes longer, there is a need for re-planting. After several re-planting, the main nail bulb is damaged and in addition to reducing growth, it loses its luster.

Being closed on the nail causes the growth of fungi and the creation of microbes on it, which is another important side effect of nail transplant.

In general, anything that puts pressure on the nail bulb causes deep bumps and depressions on the nail and white spots on the nail. In some cases, the nail becomes tubular and sinks into the flesh.

The natural nail is smooth and convex to some extent, high convexity and spotty nail is a sign of its disease. Some diseases also cause damage to nails. For example, thyroid disease causes the nail to completely separate from the bed, and skin diseases and diabetes also cause depressions in the form of dots in the nail.
Cleaning nails is very effective in their health. Also, iron, calcium, and biotin in the body should be sufficient because the lack of any of these substances in the body causes the nails to deteriorate, and for the transparency and health of the nail roots, it is better to rub some cream around the nail bulb daily.

March 7, 2011 10:52

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