Diseases that cause severe dandruff

Dandruff is a dead skin cell that builds up on the scalp and hair. The scalp naturally loses its old layers due to the stratification of the stratum corneum and new layers are replaced. This action has a certain rhythm and rhythm. If the rate and rhythm and speed of hair follicle layer shedding becomes abnormal and intensifies and accelerates, a condition called dandruff occurs.

Dandruff is localized, for example, on the forehead, temples or neck, or occurs all over the head.

In terms of structure and adhesion, dandruff is divided into two types of dry dandruff and oily dandruff.

Dry dandruff:

Dry dandruff, which is scattered in the form of fine pollen on the hair and is usually not on the scalp

The glue falls off when combing and is small and white. Dry dandruff is usually localized and the person scratches their head, and this itching is due to the fact that the scalp is in a needle-like state and the dandruff is removed from the scalp by scratching. Dry dandruff can be fraught with parasitic microorganisms and tiny fungi that are exacerbated by itchy scalp.

Fatty dandruff:

At the end of the hair, there are scales on the scalp that if we press them between two fingers, oily dandruff sticks together due to being oily, and as a result, they are bigger than dry dandruff. Their color is almost white, but because they stick together, they look dark. Fatty dandruff causes hair loss. Because they cling to the scalp and thicken and suffocate the scalp, dandruff masses stick to each other due to excess secretion of sebaceous glands. And the thicker the dandruff layer, the more suffocating the skin, resulting in More fat is produced.

Severe dandruff

Diseases that cause severe dandruff include:

1. Suric dermatitis, which is accompanied by oily plaques with oily scales.

2- Dendroph: Occurs during puberty.

3- Pediculosis: It is a kind of head lice.

4- Psoriasis of the head

Causes of dandruff

1- Nervous factors

2- Vitamin deficiency

3- Hormonal disorders

4. Allergic agents

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