Diseases that predispose men to erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the problems that has plagued many men around the world. Use strategies to reduce the problem, or at least its severity, in men.

There are some diseases that make a man more prone to erectile dysfunction, or in other words, the chances of erectile dysfunction in these people are higher than the normal population.

Because erectile dysfunction in men imposes very high health care costs on countries’ health budgets, without reducing the severity of the problem.

There are some diseases that make a man more prone to erectile dysfunction, or in other words, the chances of erectile dysfunction in these people are higher than the normal population. Therefore, if a person has one or more of these diseases, it is necessary to think of measures to prevent erectile dysfunction in him or at least delay its occurrence as much as possible. Erectile dysfunction is primarily a vascular disease, and any disease that causes vascular disorders in the body can lead to severe erectile dysfunction in men.

The most important diseases that predispose men to erectile dysfunction are:


Diabetes is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Diabetes causes erectile dysfunction with adverse effects on blood vessels, nerves and penile tissue. Diabetes, with its side effects on the arteries, also affects the arteries of the heart and causes coronary heart disease. Ten percent of men who see a doctor because of an erectile dysfunction test shows they already have diabetes but did not know it.

Twenty-eight percent of men aged 20-59 with type 1 diabetes will have impotence. With each passing year of diabetes, there is a 4.5 percent increase in the chances of developing impotence. This means that a man who has had diabetes for 10 years has a 45% chance of developing impotence. Of course, there are many factors that can increase or decrease this amount as interfering factors. The better the control of diabetes, the less severe it is.


It is now known that impotence itself can be a reason for high blood fats in a person. Men with impotence have a higher rate of cardiovascular disease than normal men. Hyperlipidemia clogs the arteries and reduces blood flow to the affected organ.


In men with high blood pressure, the rate of impotence is higher than in normal people. Some medications used to treat high blood pressure can cause sexual dysfunction on their own, but high blood pressure itself makes a man more prone to erectile dysfunction. The prevalence of complete impotence in men with high blood pressure who are taking certain types of antihypertensive drugs is three times higher than men with normal blood pressure.

Some antihypertensive drugs have adverse effects on sexual function, but people with high blood pressure who are taking the drug should not stop taking the drug on their own, but should consult their doctor if possible with medication. Be replaced. Normal blood pressure is a priority.


Stroke is the third leading cause of death and affects 5.5 million people worldwide. As life expectancy increases, so does the incidence of stroke. After a stroke, sexual function, sexual activity, and marital satisfaction are subject to major changes. The cause of sexual dysfunction after stroke is a set of physical and psychological factors.

People who have a stroke usually have a number of underlying causes, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, and may take several medications before having a stroke. The presence of underlying diseases leading to stroke and the use of some medications are predisposing factors for sexual dysfunction, so a significant percentage of people with stroke will already have some degree of sexual dysfunction, which is a complication of stroke. , Further cause and make the patient’s sexual function problems more and more severe.

About 48% of men who have a stroke have some degree of erectile dysfunction, one-third of which is severe erectile dysfunction. Their sexual orientation is almost normal, but because their sexual ability is impaired, they are under a lot of psychological pressure.

Nervous system damage:

Any disease that disrupts the body’s nervous system can lead to sexual dysfunction. These include spinal cord and brain injuries (such as accidental spinal cord amputations), MS, and Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, MS affects most people at a young age. Women are twice as likely as men to be infected, but men are more severe. About 70% of patients with MS will also develop some form of sexual dysfunction.

About 50% of men with MS suffer from erectile dysfunction. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is damage to the body’s nervous system, but psychological factors and limited mobility also play an important role in these patients. Parkinson’s is a disease that is associated with progressive destruction of the nervous system. One percent of people develop Parkinson’s in their lifetime. Sexual disorders are very common in these patients. About 60% of these patients develop erectile dysfunction. The incidence of erectile dysfunction in patients with Parkinson’s is approximately twice that of normal men of the same age. It usually takes several years for a person with MS or Parkinson’s to have an erectile dysfunction.

Hormonal diseases:

Hormonal diseases, both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, can cause sexual dysfunction. The most important hormonal cause of sexual dysfunction is hypogonadism of the gonads (testicles). Hormonal causes can be both easily diagnosed and easily treated. One of the most important causes of hypogonadism is the use of hormonal drugs for bodybuilding by young people.

Glandular hypothyroidism due to the abuse of hormonal drugs is sometimes so severe that it becomes irreversible. It should be noted that any factor that causes hypogonadism, in addition to causing sexual dysfunction, can also lead to damage to male fertility. People who use hormonal substances for bodybuilding should keep in mind that the more their muscles are falsely inflated with these drugs, the more their testicles are weakened.

There are many young people whose arm circumference may be longer than the thigh of a normal person, but their testicles are completely dissected and destroyed and are less than one centimeter in size. Such people almost completely lose their fertility, which is to have children.


Obesity almost doubles the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Obesity is known to be an independent factor in erectile dysfunction. The exact method of calculating the ideal weight is to calculate the “body weight index”, which is calculated as follows: weight in kilograms divided by height squared in meters.

One-third of obese men with erectile dysfunction will have normal sexual function just by losing weight to their ideal weight, and the other two-thirds will find treatment easier.

The list of diseases that predispose a person to sexual dysfunction is very long. In the above writings, only the diseases that we are almost known to the general public were mentioned. Lifestyle changes, such as physical activity, smoking cessation, diet modification, proper blood pressure control, ideal weight, use of drugs that have less adverse effects on sexual function, are very helpful in reducing the incidence or improvement of sexual disorders in these people. Is.

Smoking increases a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction by 50%. Smoking causes the worst type of erectile dysfunction (venous leakage). An important point that should be mentioned in this section is the drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Some of these drugs are available over-the-counter in many pharmacies, despite potentially dangerous side effects.

Worst of all are the drugs that are advertised on satellite networks, in addition to the fact that the composition of most of them is not known, they are easily provided to the consumer with one phone. These drugs can be very side effects even in normal people, and in people with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease or stroke, the side effects are much higher and more dangerous. Therefore, it is emphasized that these types of drugs should not be used in any way without consulting a doctor. Each person needs their own medication, and not all patients can be given a prescription.

A few tips on erectile dysfunction

In this section, for awareness, I will mention a few important points:

1. Merely suffering from any of these diseases is not a definite reason for the occurrence of sexual dysfunction in the future. Having any of the above diseases only increases the chances of having sexual dysfunction in the future compared to the normal population, which depending on the type of disease, the percentage will be very low or very high.

2. Any person who has one of the above diseases and also has a sexual disorder, there is no reason why the cause of his sexual disorder should be considered his current disease. The root cause is determined after careful examination.

3. In people with a disease that contributes to the occurrence of sexual dysfunction, measures can be taken to prevent its occurrence to some extent or at least delay its onset and reduce its severity.

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