Disruption of women’s sex hormones with these factors

Decreased sexual desire in women is a very common thing and in men it is a rare thing. One of the common issues regarding the sexual health of people are the reasons that make women uninterested in sexual relations with their husbands, which we will discuss in this article.

Most women don’t even know how much this hormone is necessary for them, so that its lack will make their life and especially their sexual health difficult. Testosterone in women is secreted from the ovaries and adrenal glands, and its level is naturally high during puberty and pregnancy, and decreases with age and the onset of menopause. However, you should know that the sudden decrease of this hormone has a direct effect on women’s libido, energy and mood.

1- Fatigue

Women who suffer from testosterone deficiency often suddenly feel tired and lose energy. In this way, some women find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning or they feel bored all the time.

2- Sleep disorders

Usually, sleep disorders are common among women. Because they have various duties and responsibilities, and even when they want to sleep, they think about the things they haven’t done and the tasks ahead. As a result, more than men complain of insomnia, poor sleep and fatigue. Of course, these worries and many mental conflicts also make women need more sleep and rest than men. In addition to these, the lack of testosterone also causes irregular sleep.

3- Weight gain

Weight gain has several reasons; In fact, from overeating and inactivity to the use of some medications, genetic factors, stress, the presence of some viruses, ear infections, cooling and heating systems, and even serious disagreements with your spouse also affect weight, but you should know that testosterone deficiency also It affects women’s weight and makes them fat.

4- decrease in sexual desire

With increasing age, changes in sexual desire occur and sexual activities decrease, but the decrease in testosterone hormone secretion may also cause sudden serious changes in women’s sexual desire. These changes usually show themselves with a decrease in sexual desire and vaginal dryness, which makes sexual intercourse painful.

5- Depression

Depression, moodiness, moodiness and other emotional-emotional symptoms can also be a reason for testosterone deficiency. Because this hormone is also responsible for controlling emotions and concentration. If you feel tired a lot or succumb to depression very soon, it is better to check the level of testosterone hormone in your body in addition to increasing the consumption of vitamin C.

6- Osteoporosis

Destruction of bone tissue is another common result of testosterone deficiency in women. When the amount of this hormone in women’s body drops, the bones suddenly become weak. If there is no help to solve the testosterone deficiency and strengthen the bones, the risk of bone fragility in women will be high.

7- Irregular menstruation

A sudden drop in testosterone may cause menopause. This issue may also cause other symptoms of menopause such as irritability, irritability and hot flashes.

8- Worry and anxiety

If from time to time you feel your heart pounding and you experience unnecessary anxiety and worry, maybe your body’s testosterone level has decreased. Although testosterone is considered a male hormone, the results of numerous studies show that there is a direct relationship between the decrease in the amount of this hormone and the increase in anxiety caused by hormonal fluctuations.

9- Hair loss

Hair loss has different causes; From air pollution to improper nutrition, stress, etc., it makes the head empty. One of the obvious symptoms of testosterone deficiency is hair loss in women. Because this hormone protects the health of hair and their healthy growth. Severe deficiency of this hormone causes hair loss and even baldness in women.

10- Anorgasmia

In medical terms, not reaching orgasm or the peak of sexual pleasure is called anorgasmia; This problem is also one of the common symptoms of testosterone deficiency. This inability to perform sex usually leads to a decrease in sexual desire in women.

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