Disturbance in the absorption of salts and foods by the body

Eat slowly, chew the food thoroughly so that it is well coated with saliva and easy to digest. Food should be prepared according to the psychological-nutritional aspects and according to individual taste, so that it is appetizing.

A common mistake among people is that they think that eating a clean nutrition chart means absorbing all of those ingredients in the body. There are several reasons for incomplete absorption of a food item.

When we decide to get healthy, changing the foods we eat is one of the first things that comes to mind. Our justification is that no matter what, nutrition is the fuel that our body’s factory works with, and achieving great results requires the best fuel. There are completely scientific reasons that show that this is not all fiction. A common mistake among people is that they think that eating a clean nutrition chart means absorbing all of those ingredients into the body.

There are several reasons for the incomplete absorption of a food item, including:
1- Imbalance of intestinal bacteria (how many and how they work)
2- Enzyme deficiency
3- lack of magnesium
4- Stress
5- Parasites
6- Foods that are not fully cooked or combined
7- incomplete and insufficient chewing
8- Stomach acid deficiency
9- Malfunction of the pancreas
10- Incomplete lung function (improper breathing)
11- hard-to-digest foods (i.e. wheat, soy and dairy)
If only one of these applies to you, it means you’re undoubtedly flushing a huge portion of nutrients down the drain, or even worse, undigested food particles will remain in your colon and turn into poison that can eventually be absorbed by the bloodstream. So instead of eating more than you need, you are poisoning yourself through the absorption process.

Unfortunately, most people have at least two or three of the above. And this means that by setting up a poisoned food system, the customers of the pharmaceutical industry are added day by day. Therefore, the intestinal system of the body creates an unhealthy biofilm on the intestine, which causes the following problems:
1- It prevents the complete absorption of food through the intestinal walls.
2- Disease makes microorganisms resistant to the body’s defense system.
3- Disease makes organisms resistant to antibiotics and antifungals (plant and chemical).
4- It causes inflammation.
5- It stores toxins such as heavy iron in the body.
The resistance that this biofilm creates makes it very difficult to clear up many infections that lead to an imbalance of gut bacteria. There are natural methods to break the network of this biofilm, such as:
1- Removing proteolytic enzymes from food
2- Carnation flower
3- Black pepper
4- Apple cider vinegar
Additionally, only consume nutritious foods rich in beneficial bacteria, such as fermented foods and probiotic drinks. This creates a balance in beneficial bacteria that play an effective role in absorption. So until your body’s internal mechanism is balanced, complete absorption of food is just a pipe dream.

November 1, 2013 11:42

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