Do not be fooled by exfoliating creams

Irrational use of the cream without a doctor’s prescription and without the necessary information can make the skin worse, and in these people who use exfoliators for the purpose of clear and light skin, the skin may become darker.

Dr. Amir Houshang Ehsani, dermatologist and faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, said: “Treatment of new scars is much better and more effective, and treatment methods such as some special drugs and lasers can be used to remove scars, and if it is older and a few It has been months since its creation and some special exfoliating creams can be used.

Regarding the exfoliating creams that have been advertised recently, he said: “Some exfoliating drugs, which have been widely advertised for some time, have no documented and scientifically proven scientific support from the association and the skin group.”

Dr. Ehsani continued: “In order to prove the effectiveness of a exfoliating cream, several studies have been done on it, and this cream has been evaluated and evaluated without several alternative creams. Regarding exfoliating creams, which have been widely advertised recently.” No such experiments have been performed.

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