Do not forget the quail meat

Quail meat has a beneficial effect on our health, nutritionists suggest replacing it instead of red meat because it has countless properties.

Referring to the best food and drink in spring and summer, the Islamic medicine doctor said: In the spring, instead of heavy foods and red meat, it is better to use the meat of birds such as quail.

Emaduddin Masmoui said: Considering the approach of summer and being in hot weather conditions, we should pay attention to the fact that the temperaments are also getting hotter, and for this purpose, they should observe some things for their health.

He continued: due to the warming of the air in spring and summer, one should avoid eating a lot of meat because it causes the heat and humidity of the body to increase and make a person sick.

This Islamic medicine doctor clarified: I recommend that you use large amounts of fruits instead of eating high-fat and bulky foods so that your body can cope with the weather conditions and reach balanced conditions; In winter, waste materials accumulate in the body, and in summer, when the weather warms up, the same waste materials appear in the body and cause skin and liver diseases.

He stated: People should avoid eating salty foods, offal, beef, cream, sour yogurt and canned foods.

Saying that by eating cold foods, Masmoui continued: In the spring and summer season, try to use cold foods so that you can be effective in restoring the body’s balanced conditions.

This Islamic medicine doctor stated: I recommend that you use bird meat such as quail instead of heavy foods and red meat and help your health by drinking cool syrups such as pomegranate and saffron juice.

May 22, 1395 13:02

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