Do not forget to consume these 4 foods in summer!

We are currently going through the hottest days of the year and this heat is harder every day than the day before. Your nutrition plays a very important role in your health. You can turn hot summer into a cool season by consuming some foods. In the following, we will introduce you to some useful foods for having a cool summer. Be with Dr. Salam.

These days, when the so-called summer is over, what should we eat so that the heat and dry weather do not bother us. Islamic medicine has useful advice in this regard.

July is the name of the fifth month of the Roman month and is 31 days.

The name of the first month of summer and the tenth month of the Roman year and the so-called sun in the tower Cancer Is. According to the Persian August and the Arabic Assad, it coincides with the 10th of July to the 10th of August.

Hot and dry months

In summer, the temperament is hot and dry or bilious. To deal with this the heat Appropriate benefits should be used.

Imam Reza (AS) has provided suitable benefits for the month of July, like other months and seasons of the year.
One of these benefits is cold water in fasting.

What should we eat this month?

The heat is intense in this month and Water The body shrinks. The recommendations of this month should be taken seriously: in this season, unlike other months, fasting cold water is not only not a problem, but it has been recommended by Imam Reza (AS) to drink it.

It is also recommended that cold and wet things like this month CucumberEat nectarines, peaches, Bukhara plums, which are usually all seasonal fruits.

Delicate fast-digesting foods are also recommended, like the previous month, which was June.

Cool, fragrant moist flowers and blossoms can also be used, either in the form of smelling or eating, such as cottage cheese, which is cold and moist, and in the form of infusions or infusions instead of drinking.

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