Do not increase the risk of tuberculosis with acupuncture

According to the latest studies, acupuncture was criticized due to its effect on the transmission of diseases, and the role of contaminated needles in this method was emphasized in patients suffering from serious infections such as hepatitis B and C. Therefore, be careful with contaminated needles.

The results of a new study reported an increase in the incidence of tuberculosis if acupuncture is used.

According to Dr. Salam medical magazine, tuberculosis kills more than one million people every year. Acupuncture is one of the traditional treatment methods in China, the treatment process is done by inserting needles into the body, and it is believed that this method can be used in the treatment of various diseases. Advocates of this treatment method believe that the needles used cure the disease by controlling energy areas in the body.

In a study conducted on 30 patients in a Chinese clinic, including 13 men, seven of them were diagnosed with tuberculosis after receiving acupuncture treatment, and 23 others were suspected of having tuberculosis. According to the researchers, half of the patients experienced symptoms such as fever, night sweats and other symptoms. However, they were not able to determine the exact route of transmission of this disease, which could be caused by the use of contaminated needles or other equipment. However, acupuncture was a common factor among all these patients and all of them had experienced this treatment method.

This is not the first time that acupuncture has been criticized for its effect on disease transmission. In 2010, as a result of a study published in the British Medical Journal, the role of contaminated needles in this method was emphasized in patients suffering from serious infections such as hepatitis B and C. Although all medical methods are associated with risks, the question arises whether the benefits of acupuncture outweigh the risks? In fact, this question still exists in the medical community about whether this method is useful or harmful for the treatment of diseases.

According to Isna, citing Discovery News, the available evidence about this treatment method is contradictory. Some studies indicate that this method has had a small effect on a limited number of diseases such as pain relief and anger. Experts believe that patients who turn to this method of treatment feel some improvement in their disease because they expect that their disease will get better and not because

The needles are inserted into the skin in certain parts of the body in order to change the path of unknown energies.

July 10, 2013 14:11

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