Do not store certain foods together

In this article, we want to warn you about adding some foods and mixing them together, we have given some examples so that you can understand this more and do not use them together.

Nutritionists tell you which foods not to eat together to stay healthy and live a long life.

There are some foods that multiply the pleasure of eating when they are placed together, such as eating chips with shallot yogurt or basil with kebab. There are some food combinations that multiply their nutritional value together, such as broccoli with cultured tomatoes or soybeans with salmon, but you should avoid eating some foods together because they not only cause bloating, but also sugar. They raise the blood and reduce the absorption of vitamins and minerals. In the following, you can learn about four examples of these compounds.

milk + tea

Black tea is rich in antioxidants or anti-cancer compounds that reduce inflammation caused by many chronic diseases in the body, including cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, but adding just a few drops of milk to tea ( cow’s milk or soy milk) removes this effect very quickly.


The milk protein binds to the antioxidants in the tea and does not allow it to be absorbed by the body. So if you want to insure yourself against free radicals and cancer-causing compounds by drinking tea, drink tea without milk.

Another important point is that combining tea with milk not only reduces the properties of tea, but also prevents the absorption of calcium in milk. Since tea contains caffeine, it does not allow calcium to reach the cells of the body, so if you want to change the taste of the tea, it might not be a bad idea to add one or two drops of lemon juice to it, which by the way also increases its antioxidant properties. Takes.

White bread + jam

Jam is an inseparable part of the Iranian breakfast table, but if you don’t want to be completely deprived of eating it, at least don’t eat jam with white breads like lavash bread or baguette bread. Both white bread and jam are full of simple sugars, which have the biggest and worst effects on blood sugar.


When you mix the two together (just like when you mix fries with soda), disaster ensues! Such a combination raises blood sugar quickly and the body has to work hard to bring it down by releasing large amounts of insulin from the pancreas. When insulin enters the blood with this volume, sugar will drop again and symptoms such as fatigue, mood disorders and irritability will follow. As a result, you go back to simple sugar to recharge your body and this vicious cycle continues forever! In the long run, this habit weakens the pancreas and causes a condition called insulin resistance in the body. As a result, blood sugar increases over time and the possibility of type 2 diabetes increases.

Experts suggest that if you can’t avoid eating jam, especially at breakfast, at least eat it with wholemeal bread so that it can be digested and absorbed longer and slowly raise blood sugar.

Salad + fat-free sauces

When you eat your salad with absolutely fat-free sauces or seasonings; It’s like putting a no-entry sign in the way of nutrient absorption! One of the articles published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” showed that carotenoids (pigments found in yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables) require fat to be absorbed by the body. The importance of these pigments is that they prevent cancer, cell destruction and cardiovascular diseases.


Of course, when it is recommended to eat the salad with fat, we do not mean to pour two or three spoons on mayonnaise and make a heart of mourning, but a few drops of olive oil with grape seeds are enough.

Lentils + vinegar

Vinegar contains a chemical called “tannin”. When tannin is mixed with foods that are of plant origin and are considered a source of iron – such as soybeans, lentils, etc. – it prevents iron absorption. This issue is especially important for those who are vegetarians or raw vegetarians and their intake of iron in their diet is low, and most of the iron they receive is of the “non-heme” type, which is not very absorbable, so if it is mixed with tannin becomes, the probability of its absorption is greatly reduced


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March 18, 2014 15:22

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