Do not use mass media to lose weight

Some people suffer from anxiety and stress in the field of nutrition for fitness and weight loss, so that they suffer from a guilty conscience after eating. The minds of these people are involved in various advertisements for weight loss. They follow and get some kind of confusion.

In today’s world there is no need to look for nutritional advice and dietary advice, because we are surrounded by thousands of blogs and social media pages, all of which are dedicated to nutrition. These are the virtual spaces that guide us exactly in choosing the type of food and how to consume it, and draw the symbols of health and wellness in our minds. Although social media usually has good intentions, there is no denying the negative aspects of any of them. “Many people become overly concerned with what they need to do to achieve absolute health,” says Dr. Caitlin Rable (nutritionist). They usually feel very ashamed or guilty after not following the proper ways of feeding themselves. These desirable practices are generally derived from social media. “If food choices or mental conflicts with foods have become an important part of your life, then you have an unhealthy relationship with food and you need to correct that wrong relationship.” According to Dr. Rable, “If paying attention to social media makes you feel guilty or ashamed about your eating patterns or body image, be sure to stay away from it.”


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