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People property miraculous Plant Aloevera Since the Egyptians they recognize. Disinfectants natural has properties Humidifier . you can From Plant Aloevera types of Prepare home remedies And use it to treat your problems

Plant Aloevera It has incredible properties that we count 101 of its properties below:

for treatment Small burns
treatment burn with hot water Composition Aloevera with oil Vitamin E.
Immediate treatment for Insect bites that come with itching Is
Spotted fever and avoid itching
treatment bruised skin
scrub Body in order to Freshness and freshness Skin
massage Body After a day Against the sunlight To recover humidity lost
relief Sunburnt skin and Prevention Flaky Become
Leg fatigue caused by exercise
clear to do boil
Composition Oatmeal And wheat To relieve the foot
Mask To avoid acne.
Quick healing of blisters and wounds .
destroying eczema Arising from itching and Reduce any species rash on the skin
using Humidifier home effective throughout the bodyspecifically in areas hard like Heel of foot.
Prevent damage Texture after Freeze.
Skin softening and rejuvenation
If from allergies they suffer, the door Damaged area apply
destroying have any skin rash
treatment Psoriasis.
massage to turn on Skin For better results
Wart treatment
massage on To Skin Exfoliation in order to return humidity.
destroying Acne scars
Decrease Black spots on the skin and turn on Skin.
Bright to do hair color Instead of chemicals
Speed hair growth, Rub the head with it
mixed with lemon and Sugar to make One scrub Exfoliation.
Decrease wrinkle and other symptoms old age
Prevention Dandruff by rubbing To head skin.
to soften hard parts Skin
To Silky hair
Remove make-up with Ma Leiden cloth
Scar reduction
drink Its for problems Indigestion useful
drink it as a laxative is, therefore It cures constipation
Aloevera as toothpaste
Electric smoke opens the nostrils
also Asthma symptoms decreases.
eat it Feeling heartburn reduces.
Decrease have any flatulence caused by eating
drink it Level Controls blood sugarwhich can be Help people with diabetes
to treat Irritable bowel syndrome it helps.
to treat Discomfort The vagina helps but be careful For external use only
drink its daily Strengthens the gums.
improvement heart health And it helps to have a healthy heart
Consumption Aloevera joint’s pain caused treats
as a drink It is hot and cold
Cholesterol reduces it and opens the heart vessels
drink Aloevera Immune system strengthens
have any the infection by rubbing Remove on skin.
Drinking it cures the infection
Eating and drinking That cleaner Poisons is the body
Difficulties Treats the prostate
clear to do Urinary tract infections.
to reduce hemorrhoids it helps
infection in the stomach reduces
One lotion massage It is soothing
Its leaves are fragrant
With Shingles a fight and prevents the formation of wounds
treatment conjunctivitis.
With Decrease the pain Accompanied.
With Fungal infections The nail fights
Prevention Bad Breathor as Dough Tooth is used
Rubbing it on the skin removes sun spots
Decrease inflammation
Dilute seminal fluid To fertilization artificial
One preservative It is food.
Save on consumption Water the door Small farms.
a matter normal the door yogurt To aid digestion.
It is easy to plant at home
massage head skin To avoid hair loss, try To Apply regrowth to bald areas
Soften chapped lips
treatment Acid reflux.
Treatment of chicken pox in children.
treatment To rush diaper.

Treatment of facial scars caused by razor blades
drink it parasite Stomach and Removes worms.
To eye pain It is useful to put a little of it in a cloth over the eyes
relief itching .
Treatment of problems Stomach during To Influenza Stomach or You are vomiting
clean Cold sores.
Treatment of skin disorders
treatment urticaria which reduces itching
treatment Itching of the anus from each worms or skin rash.
Quick treatment wound Mouth
teeth whitening
massage head skin To destroy head lice.
lice genital area.
Scenting the house by placing it somewhere in the kitchen
Decrease Muscular pain, by rubbing on the skin or eat.
massage joints painful
Reducing the pain caused by insect bites
clear to do Black-headed seeds Skin
treatment Bite poison Spider treatment infectionitching and inflation.
Treatment of purulent pimples
Eat daily to prevent types of cancer
Digestive problems of pets
Treatment of eye fatigue
Increase Growth During puberty.

This article has been translated by the translation team of Dr. Salam medical magazine and its use is only allowed by mentioning the source

August 24, 2013 22:32

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