Do you suffer from vaginal dryness?

In this article, we want to examine the causes of vaginal dryness and decreased secretions, the symptoms of which are painful intercourse and vaginal pain, and it causes inflammation of the vaginal wall.

Women suffering from this problem mainly experience a lot of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. This problem can be due to the feeling of shyness and lack of physical relaxation, especially during sexual intercourse. Symptoms of vaginal dryness can include vaginal pain during intercourse and difficulty or inability to reach orgasm.

This problem is mainly caused by the use of artificial materials. Psychologists Or the prescribing of hormonal drugs by women specialists is improved. According to the latest research done in this field, vaginal dryness can be caused by stress or hormonal changes in a woman’s body, but if we want to evaluate the causes of this problem more specifically, we should refer to these reasons:
If you are always suffering from communication problems at home or at work Stress and tension Yes, these factors can cause you to experience vaginal dryness during intercourse. The presence of constant stress in life has a great effect on the occurrence of this problem.
Relationship problems, the presence of marital problems and conflicts between couples, lack of trust and confidence between them, and even bitterness and pessimism between couples can be effective factors of this disorder.

Use of pregnancy control methods
As a rule, many couples use a tool called a condom to prevent pregnancy. Of course, this method is harmless to most people, but some women are against the latex in some condoms or spermicides. There is a physical sensitivity shown and suffering from Vaginal dryness They will be
The birth of a new child, the body of some women can be affected by many changes, including vaginal dryness, several weeks or even months after the birth of their child.
Restlessness, nervous conditions, anxiety, excessive arousal, stress, etc. are among the effective factors in vaginal dryness; Therefore, the man’s attention to the quality of the marital relationship and also the importance of courtship before sexual intercourse will be effective to some extent in solving this problem.

As a result of the birth of a baby and the mother’s breastfeeding, the level of prolactin and oxytocin hormones (which are among the hormones effective in increasing lactation)
are) increases. On the other hand, increasing this group of Hormones It can be one of the effective factors in vaginal dryness.
Menopause After menopause, a woman’s body secretes less estrogen and progesterone. The decrease in the secretion of this group of hormones causes a group of women to experience vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse.
The causes of vaginal dryness and decreased secretions are sometimes seen when women’s vaginal canal cannot release natural secretions properly during intercourse, causing problems (pain and discomfort) for the couple. This condition is synonymous with male sexual impotence (erectile disorder). These women either cannot tolerate penetration or are forced to use emollient and emollient ointments.

The cause of this problem is either due to mental or psychological problems, or due to medical problems, or both. If this condition becomes chronic and if excessive dryness is created, it will be necessary to consult a doctor and follow up. People are in trouble. The time of menopause happens. Taking contraceptive pills It may also happen. According to statistics, up to 80% of women sometimes face this problem in one of the stages of their sexual life. Usually, vaginal dryness is short-term and less chronic. The most important reason is the reduction of estrogen.

Physical causes:
Damage to the spinal canal – drug side effects of narcotic drugs and other drugs (such as chemotherapy for cancer) – low hormone level – related gland malfunction – sensitivity to soap –Allergy to color and perfume Women – Allergy to washing machine powders and toilet paper is also a cause –

Psychological causes:
Bad memories of sex: such as rape or fornication – high anxiety – marital problems – anxiety about the sexual behavior of the sexual partner – depression – psychiatric diseases

Drug treatments:
Prescribing systemic estrogen-topical estrogen-progesterone ointment-

Non-drug treatment:
Moisturizers – emollients. Some of these compounds also have anti-infection properties. And they also have the feature that we can use them even when we are not having sex. Some ladies use the natural composition of tea tree oil and are apparently satisfied.

Auxiliary measures:
Increasing the consumption of total body fluids to at least 8 glasses of water per day is another issue of women’s diet and that they should get the minimum amount of nutrients they need. Many women who use innovative slimming regimes (low fat.. high sugar)..

They deprive their own body of basic and necessary nutrients and one of the created problems is vaginal dryness. One of the important raw materials for the production of estrogen (the hormone needed to soften the vagina) is cholesterol. And the deprivation of cholesterol will cause these problems to appear… as long as you pay attention… we should always use high quality foods under any circumstances. Soy in food sometimes helps.
If you feel that you are allergic to soap… it is recommended to use these soaps… superfatted hypoallergenic soap
because they do not contain dyes, perfumes, or sensitizing substances… and they are not alkaline and have the right pH. If there is an allergy to underwear… it is better than Do not wear white underwear Use it.

It may seem that this disorder is very complicated and its treatment is impossible or even very difficult, but the truth is that if the main reason of this problem is identified, its treatment will be very easy. In the continuation of this note, we will explain some simple ways to treat this problem.

But keep in mind that if you are facing this problem, you should not take action to use these treatment methods on your own, but your first action should be to Women specialist Refer until the root and cause of your problem is known and then you will be treated. Providing this way of solutions for you is only for the reason that you are familiar with the general methods of treating this problem and you are not afraid of treatment measures:

– Use of some vitamins
The use of vitamin B is used to treat this problem, especially because this vitamin reduces the level of stress. Also, the use of vitamins A and E is also used in the treatment methods of this problem. Of course, these recommendations are mostly given to women who have experienced vaginal dryness due to menopause.

– Observe the basic principles
Observing some simple and elementary principles is very effective in treating this problem. For example, try to drink enough water during the day and avoid excessive thirst. Pay enough attention to your night’s rest and sleep and don’t forget regular exercise.

– Try to be careful when using chemicals and perfumes.
Reduce the use of chemicals and perfumes that are in close contact with your reproductive system. For example, you should be very careful when choosing underwear, or consider using appropriate and approved toilet paper or soaps.

– Pay attention to the diet
Be sure to include soy in your diet, use it appropriately and as much as soy in your diet is very effective in solving this problem. Also, try to use fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid eating fried or fatty foods. These nutrients can play a role in vaginal dryness.

– Attention to the quality of sexual relations by men
As we mentioned, restlessness, nervous conditions, anxiety, excessive excitement, stress, etc. are effective factors in
Vaginal dryness is considered; Therefore, the man’s attention to the quality of the marital relationship and also the importance of courtship before sexual intercourse will be effective to some extent in solving this problem.

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