Does anyone who is obese get asthma?

Asthma is not limited to adults and is more common in children, meaning it can occur at any ageCommon causes of asthma are prolonged exposure to nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and carbon monoxide from combustion of car, train, and bus engines. When we are waiting for cars at stations If we stay in these environments for a long time, the smoke from cars will cause asthma

You can not always prevent asthma, but according to new research, there is another risk factor that can be done to combat it. Here’s what obesity and asthma have to do with each other, and what can be done to combat asthma. It is caused by asthma. Also, if, despite a history of asthma, you now realize that you can no longer control its effects, being overweight can make your condition worse. Researchers have recently found that there is a link between obesity and asthma. According to an article published in the medical journal Chest, people who are very obese may be misdiagnosed as having asthma due to similar symptoms, including shortness of breath. According to this article, about one third of obese patients are mistaken for asthma.

The relationship between asthma and obesity

According to Beth E. Miller, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine and director of the British Center for Asthma Health, the possibility of a link between obesity and asthma is relatively new, so there is not much information to prove it. The relationship between these two diseases is significant. Many studies have shown that overweight children and adolescents are twice as likely to develop asthma as children who are overweight. Other research on over 1000 “Overweight adults with asthma are hospitalized five times more often than normal people,” said Dr. Miller. “Physiologically, obesity can cause obesity. Be asthma. According to doctors, because the lungs of obese people expand less than necessary, these people breathe shorter and the airflow in their lungs becomes narrower and more irritated. It has long been known that inflammation of the airways, Causes asthma attacks. Overweight with body mass index or BMI Is defined, if more than 30 According to Miller, researchers believe that people with asthma suffer more from chronic inflammation than others, and these inflammations affect the whole body. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease. Because obese people suffer from inflammation of the body, they are more prone to asthma..

Other diseases

According to Miller, obese people are more likely than others to have a return of stomach acid, which exacerbates asthma symptoms. Shortness of breath during sleep or apnea, a condition that leads to breathing problems and decreased oxygen levels during the night, is also more common in obese people and is often accompanied by asthma-like symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath. .

Weight loss and recovery

Weight loss in obese people is an important step towards health, but it is even more important for those with asthma. Research shows that weight loss in obese people with asthma has a great effect on improving the symptoms of the disease. According to Miller, weight loss is always recommended for the treatment of asthma in obese people, especially people who do not control their disease well and constantly They are hospitalized. Although other factors such as smoking and a variety of allergies are effective in asthma and should be controlled, the role of obesity in this disease can not be underestimated..

Difficulty controlling asthma in obese people

Obesity exacerbates asthma symptoms and makes it more difficult to control. Asthma is a disease in which genetic and environmental factors can play a role. Environmental factors affecting asthma can include allergens in the habitat, inactive smoking(Passive smoking), Noted respiratory infections and obesity. Obesity as a risk factor in the development and progression of this disease can affect asthma in different ways. Decreased pulmonary function or altered immunological balance such as increased proinflammatory cytokines (stimulates airway inflammation and increases its severity), reflux, mechanical effects of obesity (increased tissue pressure in the chest and abdominal wall can have direct mechanical effects on the lungs and Stimulate it) and hormonal effects affect asthma. more than 50 Cross-sectional or case studies have been published showing that obesity increases the risk of asthma in adults. Children have also been linked to weight gain and asthma symptoms.

Being overweight at birth or gaining weight in childhood increases the risk of developing asthma. close to 60 Percentage of all cases of pediatric asthma is due to overweight and obesity. One of the main limitations of cross-sectional studies is that these studies can not show the relationship between cause and effect. 135 A thousand people for ۲۱ Year follow-up was performed, showing an increase with each unit BMI The incidence of asthma is proportional to the rate 10 Percent and 7 Percentages increase in both men and women. Longitudinal studies have also shown that people who were obese at the beginning of the study or gained weight during the study period were at risk for wheezing symptoms that were independent of their level of physical activity. Asthma is more difficult to control and treat in obese people.

Source: Arman newspaper

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