Does farmed salmon also have omega؟?

Some people just eat fish instead of omega-3 supplements. We want to look at omega-3s in farmed fish and salmon. Are you also a fan of salmon and salmon? .

We have heard that farmed trout have no omega-3s at all and Norwegian salmon are high in omega-3s. Does farmed salmon not have omega ٣?

? No, unfortunately, farmed fish do not have any omega-3s because the amount of omega-3s in the fish’s body depends on the amount of phytoplankton that live and feed on them.

? Phytoplankton contains bacteria and microscopic plants that live in the salty waters of the oceans and are the first link in the fish food chain.

? In fact, omega-3s are produced by phytoplankton, and by feeding fish phytoplankton, omega-3s enter their bodies. Phytoplankton do not live in freshwater, so river fish do not have omega-3s.

? It should be noted that the fish of the Caspian Sea are not considered a source of omega-3. The result is that these microscopic organisms do not exist in the water of lakes and artificial fish ponds that fish feed on and their meat contains omega-3s, unless phytoplankton are artificially added to fish ponds. .

? Just like adding zinc to agricultural soil. Today, the element zinc is added to our country’s agricultural soil artificially so that the fruits and vegetables grown in this soil have more zinc.

? Farmed fish skin is high in nitrate, which causes disease, so do not eat farmed fish skin.

Source: Dr. Salam

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