Does Lung Disease Have Symptoms?

In the city of Tehran, which is the capital of Iran, due to its large population, there are infections that endanger human health. It shows no symptoms and can only be seen with bronchoscopy.

Hamid Sohrabpour, a specialist in pulmonary diseases, said about black lung disease or miners ‘disease: “Black lung disease or miners’ disease is one of the lung diseases that miners get due to breathing in a polluted environment, but due to the progress made in The safety equipment of these workers has been developed, less dangers threaten them. These workers are examined periodically by a physician every few months to prevent exacerbation if they have the disease.

He pointed to the prevalence of this disease among residents of infected cities such as Tehran: This disease is not common among residents of infected cities, but we see in some examinations of patients that the symptoms of this disease are seen in their respiratory system. The disease becomes epidemic over time in densely populated and polluted cities such as Tehran. People who have lived in Tehran for several years become infected with pneumonia over time.
The lung disease specialist continued: The process of getting this disease according to the areas where people live; Is different. Unfortunately, this disease has no symptoms at first and we can only see this phenomenon with bronchoscopy. It should not be overlooked that this disease threatens the people of Tehran in the long run, and we treat these patients in some experiments.
Sohrabpour said about the ways to prevent the spread of this disease: “The only way to fight this disease and prevent the increase of black and white patients in Tehran is that people should use their personal cars less and use public transportation.” They help to clean the air of the city, but given the means of public transportation (metro and high-speed buses), which is not yet fully developed in Tehran, people can not be expected to behave like the people of the most populous and advanced cities in the world.

Source: Dr. Alo

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