Does sex affect migraine headaches?

Migraine headaches have spared their sufferers. People who have migraine headaches usually choose different methods for relief; One of the established methods among people is establishing a marital relationship. In the opinion of many doctors, marital relationship is an effective factor for controlling headaches in couples, but new studies have expressed an opposite theory in the field of migraine sufferers. In the following, we provide you with the results of these studies.

Sex and improvement of mild to moderate headaches

For years, doctors have believed based on scientific research that sex in couples can relieve mild to moderate headaches. The reason for this is that sexual intercourse by increasing the amount of sex hormones in the body causes the amount of endomorphins (those natural chemical compounds that act as a pain reliever in the brain) to increase and the high level of these chemical compounds. Natural in the body and especially in the brain cause the pain caused by headache to improve to a great extent.

Does sex affect migraine headaches?

A new study at the University of Munster, Germany, which was conducted on people with chronic and severe migraines, does not confirm the old opinion of doctors about the improvement of headaches with sex in migraineurs and believes that sex has no special therapeutic effect for the improvement of migraine headaches. People with migraines do not. In fact, in this study, it was found that about one third of migraine patients stated that having sex not only does not improve their migraine headaches, but in some cases and at the peak of headaches, sex is a destructive factor. It is said to worsen their headaches.

The reason why sex is ineffective in improving migraine headaches

Although researchers have not yet discovered a definitive reason why sex, like other headaches, does not improve and relieve chronic migraine headaches. But in this context, hypotheses have been presented, including a person’s lack of interest in having sex during migraine attacks or preferring sleep to having sex. Based on this, it may be believed that having forced sex makes the person suffering from migraine not reach the peak of sexual pleasure, and as a result, he does not benefit from the benefits of the high presence of endomorphin compounds caused by having sex on the improvement of headache.

Marital relationship and migraine headaches
Marital relationship and migraine headaches
Of course, in another study that was conducted on 800 people with migraine and 200 people with periodic headaches, it was determined that during times outside of a headache attack, more than 60% of the people studied said that sex improved their mood. The severity and duration of their headaches in the following days has been affected. In fact, researchers in this field have come to believe that people with chronic migraine problems can also hope that their headaches will be less severe when they reach the peak of sexual pleasure in a sexual relationship. Perhaps the reason for this is that the amount of natural endomorphins can be high in the blood for some time, and this makes a person benefit from the pain-killing benefits of these chemical compounds on his body for a few hours after sex, and also against migraine headaches. make a profit

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Researchers advise couples with one or both migraine headaches to benefit from a full marital relationship that ultimately leads to sexual pleasure during times outside of migraine headaches.
Source: Simorgh Health Group

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