Does sex put pressure on the heart?

In this section we will talk about the relationship between sex and heart disease. Is marital relationship harmful for heart patients or not?

The American Heart Association said in a statement that sexual activity is not prohibited for heart patients.

However, the association warned that women with heart disease should be fully informed about contraceptive methods and possible side effects of pregnancy. Men with heart disease should also be careful about taking medications for erectile dysfunction that are harmful to all types of cardiovascular disease.

The statement, which included recommendations from a variety of experts, including a cardiologist, exercise physiologist and sexual counseling, was published in the January 2012 issue of the American Heart Journal.

“Sexual activity is one of the most important criteria in the quality of life of men and women with cardiovascular disease and their sexual partners, but unfortunately the discussion and education on this issue is rare in Meetings and clinical consultations of patients are performed.

Attention to sexual activity of the heart patient is one of the important points in his treatment, because the decrease in sexual function leads to anxiety and depression of the patient. The fact is that sexual activity does not put so much pressure on the heart that it leads to heart problems. Therefore, the risk of cardiovascular events due to sex is very low in patients.

Experts believe that some patients should delay their sexual activity until the relationship is found to be safe for them. In others, the type of sexual activity must be changed until they have reached a steady state.

A statement from the American Heart Association outlined sexual counseling for heart patients:

After diagnosing cardiovascular disease, physicians should thoroughly assess the patient’s condition before resuming sexual activity.

– Cardiac rehabilitation and regular physical activity reduce the risk of sexual-related cardiovascular disorders in patients with heart failure or heart attack.

Women with cardiovascular disease should be informed about pregnancy and the choice of method of contraception according to their disease status.

Patients with severe cardiovascular disease who develop symptoms during light activity or even rest should refrain from sexual intercourse until they have been properly treated and their symptoms controlled.

If a patient’s sexual dysfunction is observed, it should be determined which of these factors is related to the disease, including cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and so on.

– Medications prescribed to improve the patient’s cardiovascular symptoms should not be discontinued due to concerns about their effect on the patient’s sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are usually safe and secure for healthy men. However, the use of these drugs is prohibited for patients treated with nitrate to relieve chest pain in coronary artery disease (blockage of the arteries that carry blood to the heart). Avoid drugs that eliminate erectile dysfunction.

It is best for postmenopausal women with cardiovascular disease to use topical or vaginal estrogen to treat painful intercourse.

The goal of these specialists is to reassure heart patients that they are not worried about their sexual activity and that they can have safe sex, depending on the condition of their disease and with the guidance of a doctor. Only in acute and severe heart disorders, the patient’s sexual activity requires special caution and care.

Since sexual intercourse is associated with physical activity, the patient can enjoy safe and unprotected sexual activity, taking into account the conditions of his illness, and does not need to eliminate sexual intercourse.


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