Does the sound of the abdomen indicate hunger?

As long as the intestine is empty, Stomach sound It wraps around the abdomen, indicating that the gastrointestinal tract is working well. In addition the natural movement of food along the gastrointestinal tract coincides with Contraction of the stomach wall And the gut can make a sound to send food to the stomach, and indigestible foods can make a sound to the stomach and intestines.
If the stomach is loud and loud and with symptoms such as belching, bloating and bloating, abdominal pain and changes in stomach movements such as Diarrhea Or constipation is accompanied, the person should consult a gastroenterologist to see Stomach disorders And the intestine to be examined. At the same time, sometimes Excessive stomach movements And the intestine is sound-producing.
This condition occurs when the smoky mechanism of the stomach and intestines is overstretched, causing food to be pushed forward and into the intestines more quickly. Excessive movements of the stomach and intestines are often associated with diarrhea, possibly due to Inflammatory bowel infectionChemical allergies such as food poisoning, Irritable Bowel Syndrome And psychosomatic problems such as anxiety, stress and fear, and a variety of food allergies.
Partial intestinal obstruction following tumor, intestinal stenosis and foreign bodies as well Indigestion And improper absorption of food, swallowing air and excessive gas in the intestine for various reasons such as excessive consumption of carbonated beverages and high growth of bacteria in the intestine and Belching Intense can make a sound.
The most common of these are when you feel hungry. in this case, Digestive system It sends a message to the brain, and this action causes the muscles in the direction of the stomach and intestines to start moving. Digestive fluids Secrete, which then interacts with the air and gas created in the intestine.

Most of the time, this process is slow and silent, but sometimes the abdominal noise is loud. In addition, some Fiber foods Includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, beans, juices and foods containing Sorbitol, Produce a lot of gas. On this account, the natural sounds that are heard inside the stomach are not dangerous and process Normal body in digestion is considered.

Source: Iran Matlab

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