Don’t forget chocolate milk during exercise

Researchers emphasize to those who like to exercise that they must drink chocolate milk after doing sports activities to provide their body with energy. Researchers believe that the protein in chocolate milk makes the muscles work well and the energy lost during exercise returns to the body and the body can maintain its strength and energy.

Studies show, of course, experts recommend that this drink should be low-fat and minimally sweet so as not to harm the body.

According to Cornell University researchers, chocolate milk has caused the rapid recovery of lost strength in athletes in various sports fields.

Experts have found that consumption of sweet chocolate milk can cause stomach problems in people in addition to diabetes in the long run.

Experts have tested all kinds of sports drinks with different ingredients on volunteer athletes and have found that the effect of low-fat and low-sweet chocolate milk on renewing lost energy is much higher than other drinks.

Experts recommend that people carry a bottle of chocolate milk while exercising and after.


15 May 1394 10:46

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