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When the age passes from the fifties, the body shows a series of fluctuations. Some people believe that from this decade onwards, both men and women do not want to have sex, and that is the reason why they go to the doctor to strengthen their sexual relationship from this decade onwards. Do you think this theory is true or not? We have discussed this with Dr. Seyed Kazem Froutan, urologist, member of Shahid University faculty and head of family health clinic, which you are reading.

Dr! Is it true to say that libido decreases with age?
Usually, in our culture, sexual issues and marital relations are reserved for youth, and older people have no need or desire for this relationship. This is despite the fact that sexual needs have nothing to do with age and a person has sexual desire as long as he is alive. It only undergoes some changes with age, but it never significantly decreases or disappears.

What factors are effective in these changes?
With increasing age, the production of testosterone (male sex hormone), which plays a key role in men’s sexual needs, decreases, and as a result, sexual needs and capabilities also undergo changes. In women, we see these changes as they reach menopause and decrease female hormones (estrogen) in the body.
But it is not like saying that one hundred percent of sexual instincts are lost, and if the level of these sex hormones in women and men is lower than the determined average, this disorder can be solved with the help of hormone injections. Of course, in addition to the effect of hormones in women, when we reach the age of menopause and the decrease in estrogen hormone, we face a decrease in vaginal secretions, and sometimes because of this, sexual intercourse is accompanied by pain, and this issue causes a decrease in women’s sexual desire over time. At the same time, we cannot forget that because there is no motivation for pregnancy in middle age, this seemingly simple thing is effective in reducing sexual desire.

Does everyone’s libido change with age?
This issue does not follow a specific standard because in many cases we see an increase in sexual desire upon reaching middle age. Therefore, the said changes do not necessarily indicate a decrease in sexual desire.

Is it possible to prevent the decline of libido in middle age?
With increasing age, people experience muscle weakness and this process also overshadows sexual desire and capabilities, but proper exercise at this age has a great effect on reducing these muscle weaknesses. On the other hand, if the communication and marital affection between the spouses who are in the middle age decreases, then the sexual desire will also decrease. At the same time, besides being effective in increasing vitality, exercise also causes better blood supply in body parts and increases sexual power. This is why it is always recommended that spouses express their love for each other in any situation and at any age and not be ashamed of it.

Do the occurrence of diseases and the use of drugs also change sexual desire?
One of the most important causes of changes in sexual desire in middle age is suffering from diseases such as depression, diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, etc. In fact, many people get diseases as they approach middle age and must take special medicines for treatment. One of the side effects of many of these drugs is the reduction of sexual desire. For this reason, we advise middle-aged people that if they see a change in their sexual desire after taking a medicine, they should definitely consult their doctor about this so that this problem can be solved. On the other hand, many middle-aged people have surgery. For example, pelvic surgery, prostate surgery, and even breast and uterus removal are among the surgeries that reduce libido. Therefore, our advice is that sexual relations in middle age should be like eating patterns.

Can you explain more?
When we are young, we need more energy and therefore we eat more. As we reach middle age, due to the decrease in daily activities, the need for energy in the body decreases and we have to eat less. Sexual relations should be the same in middle age, and it is normal for them to be less frequent than in youth. But if people do not want to have sex when they reach middle age, the cause of this sexual disorder should be investigated. For example, if a man suffers from hypofunction of the testicles or vascular problems of the reproductive system, he should be treated with the help of scientific methods to increase his libido.

These days, many advertisements of satellites and even publications are devoted to the topic of increasing sexual desire. Different types of pills, capsules, solutions, and various devices that increase in variety every day. Are these promotional products effective in increasing people’s sexual desire?
Just as we go to the doctor when we have a heartache and do not take medicine arbitrarily, we should behave in the same way when it comes to sexual problems and go to the doctor if we have sexual problems. Even if we still don’t get results, we can change our doctor; What we do with many doctors is to get a cure and get the disease under control or gone. How can we treat it without knowing the cause of the disease (sexual dysfunction)? Therefore, it is easy to conclude that such advertisements are only economic, and sometimes it is seen that many of these libido enhancers have many side effects, and since the interface between you and the providers of these products is a credit and non-fixed phone number, it is not possible to discuss the issue through Legal authorities followed up. The best way to treat sexual problems is to visit a specialist doctor, examine the problem and treat it scientifically.

But many middle-aged people believe that going to the doctor at this age is embarrassing.
Unfortunately, this misconception is widespread among Iranians and many people have to deal with their sexual problems upon reaching middle age and even suppress their sexual desire, but it must be said that we do not accept this theory and the need for sex exists at any age. It creates vitality and prevents depression in people. On the other hand, all sexual disorders can be treated at any age and only the treatment methods are different. Therefore, middle-aged couples should consult a specialist without any shyness in case of any sexual disorder, because sexual relations are an instinct like eating and should be taken care of, and aging cannot be considered an obstacle for it. Why shouldn’t people enjoy healthy marital relationships even in old age? We have not had a proper culture in this field and for this reason we are witnessing the emergence of problems caused by them in the society.

And the last word?
I emphasize again that reaching middle age is not a valid reason for loss of libido, and sometimes the occurrence of diseases, the use of certain drugs, drug interactions, etc. are effective in reducing libido, which must be treated.


November 9, 1392 08:11

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