Don’t forget the time to make up your eyes

Knowing your eye shape is just as important as finding a good shadow for the back of your lids! Getting to know how to use shadow and eyeliner is also effective in using methods and applications that suit your face. In this regard, to Jeffrey’s recommendations Pavel, a make-up teacher, tells us about using special tricks for each eye model. With these tricks you will find more attractive eyes!

hollow eyes

This form of eyes are large and sunken eyes that make the forehead bone more prominent. Jeffery recommends using beige or warm colors like peach for the back of your lids. Then create a highlight under the arch of the eyebrow with a light pencil. Because the ends of the eyelashes may hit the back of the eyelid, be sure to use waterproof mascara to prevent your eyelids from getting stained.

Asian eyes / monolid

Asian eyes are eyes with straight eyelids and almost no folds. In this case, the frontal bone is less visible. Try adding dimension to your lids by applying shadow (dark or light) from top to bottom. Jeffrey says: “When applying eye shadow, make sure that the darkest color of the shadow you use is close to the eye line, use the most neutral color in the middle of the lid, and use shiny colors on the upper part.” Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes!

droopy eyelids

One of the features of this model of eyes is the presence of an extra layer of skin above the eyelid crease, which makes the eyelids look smaller. “Use dark shadows above the crease to draw attention to the upper part,” says Jeffrey. Line your upper eyelid and use eyeliner inside the eyes to make your eyes look bigger.

Big eyes, protruding eyelids

Big eyes have eyelids protruding from the eye socket. Fortunately, this bump gives you a lot of work to do with your eye makeup. “To make your big, bulging eyes fit your face, use a dark shadow around the eyes,” says Jeffrey. Dark colors always help to reduce size and make you look smaller. Smoky make-up also suits this type of eyes very well. To reduce the amount of space, draw a wide eyeliner on your upper eyelid.

Eyes up

This model of the eye looks almost like an almond whose outer corner is inclined upwards. Jeffrey explains: “The lower eyelid in this model of the eyes is more exposed and looks larger than the upper eyelid.” In order to create harmony between the upper and lower eyelids, Jeffrey recommends using a dark shadow or pencil on the outer part of the lower eyelid.

Eyes down

Contrary to what was mentioned above, this model of the eye is inclined downwards in its outer corner. This eye model is the best for the popular cat eye makeup! Jeffrey says: “Draw liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelid and continue it upwards from the corner of the eye and create a 45 degree angle.” In this way, you create symmetry between your two eyelids and you will look more attractive!

Eyes close together

In this model of eyes, the distance between two eyes is less than the size of an eyeball. “Use light shadows to create space in the inner corners of the eyes,” says Jeffrey. Use matte or glossy neutral white shades. To draw attention to the outer corners of your eyes, apply more mascara and use false eyelashes, especially in the outer corners of your eyes.

Eyes far apart

In this model of eyes, the distance between two eyes is more than the size of an eyeball. Jeffrey says: “To bring the eyes closer together, draw around the inside of the eyes with a black pencil and extend as far as possible to the tear duct.” Use a mascara brush to apply mascara to each of your eyelashes.


May 4, 2013 20:52

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