Don’t let your skin get damaged while traveling

Summer can be considered as one of the best opportunities to travel and have a good time with family. But while traveling, it is necessary to consider your health; Your skin is one of your most sensitive organs and it has a special sensitivity to the weather; For this reason, in this article, we intend to explain skin care methods during travel; Stay with Dr. Salam.

Are you going on vacation to the beach or to a cold mountainside? In this article, you will learn about some skin care needs.
As the holiday season approaches, many of us are planning a trip. Remember that traveling usually exposes our skin to harmful factors, heat, sun, salt water and humidity of the sea areas. Even dry and cold wind, and dehydration of the skin in cold weather.

Dermatologist Dr. Apratim Gul says that even if you are exposed to these factors for a short time, your skin and hair will still be affected. because of Skin And take care of your hair while traveling, just a few steps are enough. For example, do not use hotel soaps and shampoos, because they most likely contain fragrances and harmful chemicals. In this article, we will teach you some important tips to remember when traveling.

Sun protection is a must

The best way to protect yourself from the sun is to stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day and wear loose clothing that covers sensitive areas of your skin. Whether you’re in the mountains or on a sunny beach, apply at least SPF 35 or higher sunscreen 20 minutes before you go outside.

Cosmetologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty says: If you want to protect your skin, you should at least three times a day. sun cream apply
Use special face sprays to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated by the heat

Summer weather causes dehydration of the skin. In order to keep your skin moist and fresh, you can use special face sprays (face mist) during the trip. Try to use sprays that do not contain alcohol, these will dry out the skin.
Dr. Gul says: Those that contain Rose, vegetable glycerine, menthol, liquid amber, and pure essential oils are the best choices. Take your spray with you when you go to the beach or for sightseeing. Using these sprays will make your face always fresh and prevent the production of extra fat. When you are outdoors, it is important to use face spray.

Daily cleansing is essential for good skin

Pollution can create a layer of dirt and oil on the surface of your skin. Dr. Goel advises that to prevent breakouts, clogged pores, and blackheads, it’s important to exfoliate and cleanse your skin every day.


For most skin types, light lotion-based, non-foaming cleansers are the best choice. Foam and foam are created by chemical factors that lead to dry skin. For oily skin, you can use gel cleansers that contain some exfoliating grains.


Toners help to maintain the balance of your skin and control your skin oil and clean your skin from any pollution and bacteria. Use toners every day. Choose a toner that does not contain alcohol, artificial colors and fragrances. If you have very dry skin, avoid toners.


If you can, moisturize your skin every three to four hours. A light, non-greasy moisturizer will keep your skin glowing. The ones that contain natural oils like almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil will moisturize your skin without clogging your pores.
From moisturizers that are very heavy and contain VaselineAvoid mineral oils, artificial colors and fragrances. These ingredients can irritate the skin and clog pores, especially when you live in a hot climate.

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