Don’t make these mistakes in your sex life

What is arousal? Arousal occurs when your body is sufficiently stimulated and you feel the need to have sex. It is at that moment that you desperately want sex. Sex should be taken seriously because it is the foundation of a relationship and husband and wife can spend the best time together.

Couples’ mistakes in the bedroom

1. You are wrong if you think you need a “date night” to communicate

If you are like most couples, the first thing you do to reconnect with your partner is to put a “date night” on your calendar. According to Dr. Tammy Nelson, sex therapist and relationship therapist and author The monogamous book, “You think that after a dreamy dinner with candles and drinks you came home and you want to hug each other sincerely” but really after eating an elaborate dinner and a few glasses of drinks at the end of the night, what happens “Most couples want nothing more than to go home and sleep.”


Send the children to the relative’s house and stay alone with your wife at home. ” and think of this created situation as a sacred time to practice self-stimulation among yourselves. It’s way better than your mind fantasizing without being bloated or sleepy the next day. ”

2. You are wrong if you give up sex because you are not in the mood.

According to Nelson, “Cultivating a work life is exhausting, and stress and fatigue can reduce libido.” But if you want to postpone sex until you find the energy and mood, you may be waiting for a long time. ”

In addition ” For many people, especially women, sexual desire occurs after arousal, not before. This means that once your body is sufficiently stimulated, you will find yourself wanting sex more than you thought.. ”


just do it, and after doing it, you will surely be happy and satisfied. Even if you have a lot to do and little time, you can still have a quick sex. According to Nelson, “this sexual touch makes you feel more close and connected to your partner than it can Reduce stress in your marriage. Sex is also liberating endorphins endorphins, Dopamine dopamine, serotonin serotonin and others Chemicals in the brain can be that can Reduce daily stress and help Better sleep at night you have.

3. You are wrong if you are stuck in a habit when it comes to your gender relations

What feels familiar about sex is that you know what’s going to happen next. “Each of you knows each other’s pressure point, and if you identify a routine that makes your sexual partner reach orgasm, you repeat the same routine. According to Nelson It’s not uncommon for couples to stick to a habit. They aren’t sure how to change their habit, or they think talking about it might hurt their partner’s feelings.. ”


Nelson suggests you can “perhaps one morning or afternoon when you have more free time to expand on the erotic connection in sex,” by telling you three things your partner has done for you during sex that are pleasant. Start by appreciating him and then state one of the things you want him to do for you and ask your partner to do the same.

“Talking about sex can increase the sexual tension between you, and if you do this exercise in bed, it will really help to raise the flame of your relationship.” ”

4. You are wrong to worry about the shape of your sex life

By seeing sex pictures or videos that are usually unrealistic, you may worry about the type of relationship you have and your performance in the bedroom. According to Amy Levine, sex coach in New YorkSex is not supposed to be like in immoral movies. Sex is a fact of life that can sometimes go wrong and has the potential to be incredibly intimate or incredibly vulnerable.. ”


Keep your mind open. According to Levin, “ Live in the present And see how good it makes you feel, get in touch with your desires and interests and be confident. ” in other words Have a relationship with your life partner without judgment and unreasonable expectations.

5. You are wrong if you keep your emotional relationships for the day just in case

When was the last time you really talked to your partner? Besides asking what’s for dinner or who’s going to take your kid to soccer practice after school? According to Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, marriage and family therapist in New York, “Thanks to the daily tensions and conflicts that are left to no one, we are often with our spouses when we are asleep, while having quality sex requires communication. It is emotional at the time of awakening.”


Spend 30 minutes talking to your partner every night before you close your eyes. On the advice of Dr. Hakmir Turn off all the lamps and do not talk, discuss or suggest any day-to-day matters. ” Although I know that you are very fond of your children, but keep their issues away from this precious time. Just say romantic words so that both of you are filled with love. ” Determine the boundaries of the conversation at this time and implement them accurately. ”

6. You’re wrong if you don’t talk about sex

According to Elona Landau, sex coach in Portland, Oregon “The inability to establish an open and comfortable communication with the partner is one of the problems in the bedroom of couples.” We don’t even know how to say it or we keep silent for fear of unnecessary judgment or embarrassment or losing the relationship.

Neither your partner is a mind reader nor you. Would you like to have sex more often? Try a new method? Or are you worried about the loss of sexual desire? So talk to your wife about all these issues. If necessary, ask your partner to improve physically. As the relationship between the sexes improves and develops over time, your sexual desires will also increase.

Listen with an open mind and pay attention to what your partner really wants without filtering through your own filters.. According to Lando, regardless of your reaction, whether you are fascinated or sad, and without being distracted, just pay attention to what he wants. bBe willing to listen to your partner’s wishes without putting him in a vulnerable position and empathize with him in the long run.. ”


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