Don’t make yourself sick by overeating

In this article, we intend to have a short discussion about eating too much. Eating is necessary for human health and well-being. If you’re like me, and you’ve heard people say that you eat like a sparrow all your life, you definitely use snacks and light meals throughout the day instead of heavy meals.
What I learned about having a healthy metabolism was eat as much as you want. I didn’t limit myself to just snacks, I ate as many meals as I wanted. Since food should be a positive experience for a dieter, don’t make yourself sick by overeating.
Many thin people do not find competitors to go after food even when they feel hungry. I changed this habit, whenever I felt hungry I ate as much as I wanted. This is one of the ways to restore slow metabolism.

Dr. Kermani

21 July 1395 12:58

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