Drink mineral water or plain water

If you drink a lot of mineral water, it is better to be aware of its harms and benefits. People who do not have access to safe water or are traveling and traveling long distances are the most consumed of these drinks. Some risks and possible side effects of these drinks We will provide you with the following.

Is it harmful to drink mineral water regularly instead of regular water?
کلیه ️ In all cities and villages that have access to treated water and water required by consumers through piping and in compliance with all guaranteed standards in terms of microbial, chemical, etc., there is no need to consume mineral water. , Because fresh and healthy water is always available for drinking or other uses.

علاوه علاوهIn addition to the economic benefit of piped water consumers in cities and villages, environmental pollution is also prevented secondarily and will not include some of the side effects of bottled water consumption.

Advantages and possible disadvantages of using mineral water supplied in different types of bottles:

A: Advantages of mineral waters:

. ب Bottled water tastes better than tap water and is also suitable for transporting healthier water on intercity trips and stops, which often do not have purified water.

برای صورتیIf the disinfection of this type of water is done in accordance with the complete standards provided by infrared radiation, filtration and disinfection with ozone, not only the microbial content of the water is lost, but also the special taste of the water disinfected with Chlorine will not have them.

Some mineral waters contain beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and other minerals that help meet consumer needs.

B) Potential dangers of mineral waters:

منابع ️If the sources of extraction of these waters are provided from downstream sources, it is exposed to contamination with sediments. Some of these waters may contain too much sodium, nitrate and nitrite. .

️ .The most important type of packaging is this type of product, which is offered in bottles made of PVC and PET. Over time and if the mineral water is stored in direct sunlight, some of the ingredients in the bottles enter the contents of the supply, which are considered carcinogens, and whatever has passed since their production and have been stored outdoors and in good sunshine. , The amount of input material from the composition of the bottles is added to the water. There is even a strong recommendation to avoid freezing water in bottles and freezing them, as it produces other harmful and carcinogenic substances.

Source: Dr. Salam

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