Drink This Beet Juice To Reap 5 Health-Enhancing Benefits (Number 1 Especially!)

Beet juice combined with apples and spinach is quite the incredible health enhancer. Full of vitamins, minerals, and crucial phytonutrients, this is one juice you definitely don’t want to miss making.

Here are the 5 amazing health benefits it has to offer:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

According to research, drinking beetroot juice helps reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar too!

2. Cleans The Liver

Beets contain betalain pigments that support Phase 2 detoxification in the body, which helps ease strain on the liver and allows toxins to be efficiently excreted from the body.

3. High In Iron

Beets and Spinach are both incredibly high in iron, which is required for energy and preventing fatigue. We also need iron so that our immune system can produce lymphocytes and natural killer cells that help prevent infection.

4. Protect Our Bones

Apples are one of the only known fruits with the antioxidant flavonoid called phloridzin, which helps increase bone density and can protect older women from osteoporosis. Apples are also rich in boron, which strengthens bones and prevents fractures.

5. Cancer Prevention

All of the ingredients in this juice provide amazing cancer-preventative properties. They are high in polyphenols (phytonutrients that help heal the body and prevent disease) and anti-inflammatories that make this juice a cancer-fighting miracle. Not to mention it is also incredibly alkalizing.

Beet Juice Recipe


– 3 large beets, peeled
– 3 apples
– 3 cups packed spinach
– 5 celery stalks
– 1 lemon, peeled
optional boosters: turmeric root, ginger root


Run all of the above ingredients through a juicer and enjoy immediately for maximum benefit!

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