Drinking tea and its relationship with stress

What different effects can drinking tea have on our health? Do we get anxious and stressed by drinking it? How many glasses of tea should we drink a day and what are the consequences of consuming this popular drink excessively?

Regarding the therapeutic properties of tea, Mansour Rezaei, a nutritionist, said: consuming tea in the right amount day and night is beneficial for the health of the body, but it should be noted that the amount of drinking should not be excessive.

He stated that it is recommended to drink a maximum of 2 to 3 cups of tea in a day and night, and added: Tea has a suitable combination for treating non-infectious diarrhea, it is also diuretic and cures shortness of breath.

The nutritionist emphasized: It is better to consume tea freshly brewed, pale and at a mild temperature, because hot tea increases the possibility of esophageal cancer, and on the other hand, when the temperature of the tea is lukewarm, we consume less sugar with it.

Rezaei continued: It is recommended to drink tea one hour before and after meals, because otherwise the absorption of iron in the body will decrease.

The nutritionist advised: People who suffer from constipation and anemia should not consume too much tea. Also, since drinking tea stimulates stomach acid, it is not recommended for patients with digestive and inflammatory stomach problems.

He stated: Drinking too much tea, or in other words, consuming more than 3 cups during the day and night, leads to the elimination of potassium from the body, and this causes anxiety and heart palpitations in a person.

Rezaei stated: Pregnant women are more prone to diseases such as anemia and constipation, as well as stomach reflux, so it is better not to drink too much tea during the day and night. On the other hand, drinking enough tea increases mental activity and increases brain function.

The nutritionist noted: People who suffer from sleep disorders are advised to avoid drinking tea in the evening and at night and postpone it to morning to noon.

He said that drinking milk with honey or eating bread and yogurt is the best bedtime nutrition for people with sleep disorders and said: The combination of carbohydrates with sugary substances creates relaxation in the body.

Emphasizing that one should observe moderation in the consumption of all kinds of food and stay away from extremes, Rezaei added: This brings health to the body and prevents various diseases.

In relation to drinking cinnamon tea, the nutritionist said: “In order to prevent and reduce infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as type 2 diabetes and urinary tract infections, it is recommended to consume cinnamon tea because this food is antibacterial and regulates blood sugar. Fars

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