Drinking water and intimacy

It is better not to drink water during or before sexual intercourse because it will make your mood cold.

Nasser Rezaipour, an expert in traditional medicine, said about water: Water has no nutritional value from the point of view of traditional medicine, but water is needed for digestion and dilution of food.

Health tips about water consumption

– The best water for moderate temperaments is cold water and a moderate amount.

– Drinking water in clay and glazed containers

According to this expert of traditional medicine, it is better that there is no ice mass in the water.

– Water should be consumed after the food has gone down to the bottom of the stomach, and drinking water before that causes digestion disorders.

– Drink water one hour before and 2 hours after food.

– Water is very harmful after intense and heavy movements, after bathing, after sexual intercourse and during anger, because it causes the extinguishing of instinctive heat and weakness.

Rezaipour said: People should drink water and honey slowly to quench their thirst.

– Taking your legs out of the blanket is a way to quench your thirst while sleeping.

-Drinking water after sexual intercourse in order to warm the body and organs causes weakness and reduction of instinctive heat, also due to the heating of the body parts, the water reaches the organs quickly and the body becomes cold.

He continued: When angry, it is better for people to drink rose water, betel nut syrup, or sanjabin syrup, and it should be known that pure water should not be given.

-Sexual intimacy is considered an intense exercise, which is considered both an exercise of the soul and an exercise of the body, drinking water after it is very harmful.

-Drinking water between sleep causes ascites, laxity and joint pains.

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July 1, 2014 16:39

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