Dysphagia regimen stage II

Dysphagia is a type of difficulty in swallowing. Patients with this disorder should follow a special diet. The diet for these people is often composed of liquids and crushed foods. The advice of nutritionists Read on.

The second stage of dysphagia diet ⇐ crushed diet

کاربرد Used in patients with the following problems:

  • Disorder in the preparation stage in the mouth
  • No teeth
  • Reduce smoky movements in the throat area

♦ General specifications of the regime:

  • Nuts, raw fruits other than mashed bananas and raw vegetables are not allowed.
  • Medications should be given to the patient in liquid or crushed form, along with pureed fruit.
  • Liquids and water must be concentrated before consumption with commercial liquid concentrate products.

مجاز Permitted foods in the crushed and chopped diet:

  • Puree, plain bread, pasta or cooked rice if tolerated
  • Boiled or scrambled eggs are soft
  • Milk, yogurt, cream cheese and soft cheeses
  • Cooked and mashed fruits without skin or seeds, mashed bananas, concentrated fruit extracts
  • A variety of cooked and mashed vegetables without skin and seeds
  • Margarine, butter and simple sauces
  • Concentrated soup types
  • Minced meat and mixed with concentrated meat water
  • Porridge, ice cream, soft desserts, jelly if tolerated
  • All beverages when mixed with commercial liquid concentrate products
  • Honey and sugar

◊ Crushed and chopped diet samples


  • Simple mild mixed with sugar and milk, soft scrambled eggs, butter or margarine, ripe and mashed bananas


  • Crushed and thickened vegetable soup, minced chicken with thick sauce prepared with chicken broth, soft or mashed pumpkin, mashed or chopped carrots, porridge, cooked and crushed fruit


  • Concentrated chicken soup, minced red meat with thick sauce prepared with broth, mashed or chopped green bean puree, yogurt, fruit puree

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Prepared and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Dr. Salam

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