Early detection of brucellosis, timely recovery

Malaria is an infectious-bacterial disease that is transmitted to humans through a bacillus called Brucella. The main source of this disease is in animals such as cattle and sheep that can be transmitted to humans, this Brucella bacterium can be present in the grass and plants that the animal feeds on and penetrates into the body of these animals. Malaria is generally a common disease between humans and animals, known to humans as malaria.

◊ Men are more vulnerable

– This disease does not have a specific season, it can harm a person at any time, but it is more common in some seasons, such as the time of calving. Also, due to the type of transmission of this disease, which is mostly through livestock to humans, and generally veterinarians, ranchers, butchers are men, the prevalence of this disease is abundant in men, especially in the age group of 50 to 60 years due to their greater vulnerability. Becomes.

Meat is also a factor in transmission

There are many ways humans can get the disease, unpasteurized dairy products that are milked directly from livestock, and we think they might be of more benefit to us. And we use them without boiling. They are the main sources of transmission of this disease. Perhaps it is better to get rid of this misconception, the more natural milk and dairy products are found in rural areas and pastures, the healthier and more useful they are.

– The milk and dairy products we consume must be pasteurized so that it can transfer the necessary nutrients to our body. Another way of transmitting this bacterium is by eating contaminated meat. The meat we eat should always be cooked. The more cooked meat, the shorter the life of this bacterium.

Malaria does not threaten you

Malaria is not a pandemic disease, it is a scientific fact that it does not threaten everyone, and it mostly belongs to people who have lived their lives with animals, especially animals such as cattle and sheep.

Of course, these days, traveling to unknown areas and pastures and forests has become very popular among young people, so that people prefer to spend time outdoors and pastures, we must note that these pastures and watching these animals, although enjoyable But it can also be dangerous. So the danger is lurking, it is better not to touch the animals and do not use their dairy products without following the safety advice.

دری Find animals

Rural areas, livestock and livestock farms must vaccinate their livestock and save these animals from harm. Of course, one of the ways that animals usually get this disease is during childbirth.

◊ Timely diagnosis, timely recovery

Blood tests and bacterial tests taken by specialist doctors can clearly determine whether or not we have the disease, and the diets we must follow after the disease is effective in improving our recovery as soon as possible. But the point to note is that this disease irritates and damages our hematopoietic organs such as bone marrow, spleen and.. So take it seriously and be sure to follow the safety tips when traveling to areas where we think we are more likely to get the disease.

Compiled and edited by: Sanaz Motalebi Khameneh, nutritionist and dietitian

Source: Dr. Salam

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