Early signs of nail fungus

Nail fungus is caused by cuts or scratches on the nails and usually the nails that become infected and nail fungus become very thick and brittle. In this article, Dr. Salam will introduce you to the symptoms of nail fungus skin disease.
If you think you have nail fungus, you may be tempted to hide your problem with nail polish or treat yourself with anti-fungal products. But a dermatologist says you should see a doctor instead.

“Nail fungus can be an embarrassing problem, but you should not be embarrassed to share it with a dermatologist who can help control it,” said Dr. Shari Lipner, an associate professor of dermatology, according to MedLinePlus. »

“Although nail fungus is the most common nail disorder that dermatologists can treat, not every nail problem is due to the fungus, and there are some other side effects that look similar,” Lipner said. “Like physical damage to nails and nail psoriasis.”

“If you treat something that is not a fungus as a fungus, your problem will not be solved,” he explained. In fact, it may get worse. “On the other hand, if you have a fungal infection and leave it, the symptoms can get worse and interfere with your daily routine by causing pain.”

Early signs of nail fungus can include a rising nail from the bed and a change in color to white or yellow. As the condition worsens, the nails become thicker, harder to cut, and more discolored.

Source / Borna News

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