Easy cooking tutorial for the elderly

How many calories do elderly people need on a daily basis? What should be the way of cooking for these people? What kind of food is useful for these people? If you have an elderly person in your home, it is better to pay more attention to your cooking method and avoid preparing harmful foods for these people. Avoid being aware of the salt you add to the food of the elderly!

If you are caring for an elderly person, instead of eating frozen and prepared foods, use the following strategies:

  • Take time and write a meal plan for a week. In this case, you can prepare all the necessary ingredients for the whole week’s meals at once.
  • Use canned vegetables, legumes and fruits so that they are always available. But before consuming, put the ingredients under water to wash off the excess salt.
  • Freeze extra food. You can keep any ingredient in the freezer and reheat it whenever you don’t have time.
  • Try to use all food groups in one meal so that it is not necessary to prepare several meals.
  • Every time you cook, make a few meals and put the extra in the freezer.
  • Make changes in foods. For example, if you cook rice, serve it once with stew, once make dolma with it, and next time use it in soup.
  • Whenever you are short of time and energy, you can increase the number of snacks that are easier to prepare and skip the main meal.

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