Eat and eat acne

Some foods, including chocolates or fats, aggravate acne. Your acne worsens when you eat certain foods, so it is better to avoid them.

Acne is a complex problem that includes various aspects and usually various reasons are mentioned for it, and one cannot be satisfied with only one reason for the occurrence of acne. In addition, the causes of acne are different for different people, and one trigger may not cause any problems for another person.

Some researchers believe that the occurrence of acne has nothing to do with the formation of acne, but some also believe that a number of food items can be considered a cause of acne.

Dairy products

The research conducted in the American Academy of Dermatology shows that milk, contrary to its many benefits for the health of the body, leaves a photo effect on the formation of pimples and acne on the body and face, and in fact, there is a direct relationship between the consumption of milk and acne. . In general, dairy products increase acne-producing hormones in the body. On the other hand, doctors advise people who are prone to acne to use vegetable milk such as almond milk, rice milk, or coconut milk, which has less fat, instead of cow’s milk, which is high in fat.

Sugar and sugar

Studies show that sugar and sugar cause inflammation in the body, and since acne is an inflammatory disorder, doctors recommend that people prone to acne should follow a diet containing anti-inflammatory substances. Put your daily meal plan. Of course, this issue does not mean the permanent elimination of sweets in food, but the inclusion of natural sugar-containing materials such as all kinds of fruits instead of prepared and industrial juices, dates and honey are sweet options that can be replaced by artificial sugar materials such as sugar and thanked


Natural plant estrogens are found in soybeans. The amount of these photoestrogens found in soy acts like natural estrogen and as a result of its consumption causes acne.


Drinking a cup of coffee may make you fresh and alert, but due to the presence of organic acid inside the coffee beans, the level of the hormone “cortisol” increases. This hormone is known as the stress hormone and has an androgenic function and simultaneously stimulates the sebaceous glands and causes inflammation.


Consuming baguette bread, baguette bread, and generally breads that have a percentage of sweetness can aggravate the conditions of acne in people who are prone to acne. Studies show that wheat causes inflammation, and to reduce acne in the body, the amount of inflammation should be reduced. Considering that the industrial breads available in the market contain sugar, soybean oil and milk as the three main stimulants, the possibility of causing acne increases and multiplies.

coconut oil

According to received reports, the use of coconut oil in people prone to acne, in addition to causing small pimples around the mouth, causes the formation of inflammation, especially on the cheeks.


Peanuts contain “androgen” hormone, which increases the production of skin fats, especially in sensitive and prone people. In addition, people who eat more peanuts are more likely to develop whiteheads than usual. People with acne can use almonds as a good substitute for peanuts.

Doctors say that fresh foods and complete nutrients such as protein, vegetables, healthy fats and gluten-free grains are among the healthy foods that can be beneficial for skin health.

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