Eat collagen-building foods to rejuvenate the skin

collagen The most abundant protein Available in Body Is. It’s shaped Connective tissue As Tendons and ligaments to pWest Young tissue and flexibility Gives. الاستین Protein the door Connective tissue Is that as from Its name appears, Responsible for arterial flexibility collagen And elastin They are often effective in delaying the aging process،

In fact, in the dermis (under the outermost layer of the skin), collagen is the basis of connective tissue that supports the structure of the skin and is necessary for skin rejuvenation, but with age, its production in the body decreases and that is why Enzymes reduce collagen by breaking it down, thinning the skin and losing the feeling of fullness, causing wrinkles.
While the body constantly makes new collagen to repair what is damaged, around the age of 35, collagen production naturally decreases, and the quality of collagen is not as good as it was last year, but the good news is that in addition On topical products and treatments, food is the best natural way to increase collagen in the skin. Stimulating collagen production using topical products at home and choosing the right lifestyle helps the skin maintain its strength, endurance and volume. The best foods are expressed to restore, regenerate and repair damaged collagen for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging.


  • In addition to your daily protein needs, egg whites contain both lysine and proline, so adding egg whites to your diet can support the body’s natural production of collagen, and for those on a vegetarian diet, They do not like the composition of animal products such as eggs or lean meat. Nuts, especially peanuts, contain lysine protein.

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